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Americans For Safe Access 2013 Unity Conference Award Winners


Americans For Safe Access announced the award winners for the 2013 Unity Conference that is coming up later this month. While all of the award winners are very deserving, and I tip my hat to all of you, I want to especially congratulate my friend and longtime Oregon activist Jim Greig. Not enough people know it outside of Oregon, but if it wasn’t for Jim Greig’s efforts in the 2012 Oregon Attorney General race, medical marijuana policy in America would look drastically different than it does now, and in my opinion, recreational policy would have been affected too. Go get ’em Jim, and congratulations to the other award winners!

Click here to help sponsor Jim’s trip to the conference!

americans for safe access unity 2013 award winners


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  1. I’m pleased to write, Sam Chapman and I have reached our $1500 goal and are going to the Unity Conference. Thanks for your help Johnny. I’ll send you updates from the conference.

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