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Americans for Safe Access Congressional Press Conference


Americans for Safe Access Press Conference in Washington, DC on morning of 2/25/13 regarding HR689 and HR710 two federal bills protecting medical marijuana patients, rescheduling cannabis, and allowing states to regulate. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dan Rush of the UFCW, Cheryl D. Glenn (MD House of Delegates), Dr. Karen Mcasey, Scott Murphy (Iraq War Veteran), and Jim Greig (Patient) all spoke at the press conference in support of the federal legislation.


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  1. DavidTheExpert on

    Are you kidding? The ASA has made tremendous inroads in the fight to help MMJ patients. They have brought this fight to the federal level; something no other organization has accomplished before, at least in regards to medical cannabis. They actually got a federal court to hear them out and consider rescheduling cannabis entirely. That is no small feat, and whether or not you agree with all of their specific policies, you have to agree that they are a force for good.

  2. http://www.ursm.us We must live in a police state when ACLU and ASA are afraid to defend the civil liberty “of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects from unreasonable searches and seizure” in a court of law. It is reasonable for the police to seize marijuana because it is illegal but is the law reasonable to use state police power to deprive persons their fundamental rights to life, liberty, and property for violating the marijuana laws?

    Due process of law requires the deprivation of fundamental rights to be justified by a compelling state interest related to public safety demonstrating the law is reasonable as required by Amendment IV

    The federal case law has determine the constitutionality of the marijuana laws by rational basis. Rational basis is used when no fundamental rights are implicated by the enforcement of the laws. As a defendant and plaintiff, the federal and state courts have misrepresented the facts presented by declaring marijuana is not a fundamental right hence rational basis review, a political question. a political crime.

    We must live in a police state when the judiciary reviewed the constitutionality of criminal laws by rational basis. We must live in a police state when the courts, defenders of individual rights, deny seizing marijuana is deprivation of property, being arrested is deprivation of liberty.

    Marijuana is property. The right to acquire and possess property is a fundamental right. The private use of this property does not pose a threat to public safety. To use police power to protect me from myself violates due process of law.

    The right way to change the marijuana laws is by the courts. The marijuana laws are unreasonable use of police power contravening Amendment IV, V or XIX and every defendant should tell a judge this claime.

  3. Your flip dismissal does violence to the facts: ASA is about advocacy & education of health care providers. They may not represent the full spectrum of MJ issues, but they are doing yeoman’s service for MMJ.

  4. Kuddos to the fine people at ASA that work so hard to help patients. How about Rep. Blumenauer? Wish I had him in my state but sadly we just have turtles here in NV.

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