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America’s First Marijuana Vote Of 2015 Burns Out


hash bash michigan marijuanaMontrose, Michigan, with a population of 1,615 (2013 census) voted in February to reject legalized marijuana by a margin of 88 yes to 120 no.

The small community in northern Genesee County is just a few miles away from the site of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. The Auto City Speedway is located in neighboring Clio, Michigan.

The tally was a huge surprise to supporters and organizers of the petition drive.

“If this vote had taken place in November, as it was supposed to, we would have won,” said Cary Justice, organizer of the Safer Montrose campaign. “We gave it our best effort.”

Signatures were collected during 2014, and were submitted to the city clerk in enough time to have them approved and for the issue to be placed before voters in November of 2014. Clerical delays (some accidental, some not) led to the question not appearing on the 2014 General Election ballot.

“This is a far larger turnout than we normally see in Montrose,” agreed France Bunch, the other half of the Safer Montrose tandem and a local resident. The number of voters casting ballots were “double” what the city’s single precinct typically processes.

Some 60 communities in Michigan held votes on Feb. 24 for various local issues. The marijuana question was the only item on the Montrose ballot.

This is the first of three votes on local legal marijuana issues scheduled for Michigan in 2015. East Lansing, home of Michigan State University, will cast their votes in May during a statewide general election, and Keego Harbor will poll their voters in August during the Primary Election.

Michigan is a very dynamic marijuana law reform state. 23 local ballot proposals liberalizing marijuana laws have been passed in Michigan during the last decade, including eight in 2014.

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