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An Analysis of Marijuana Strain Names


marijuana bongThere’s More Marijuana Strain Names Out There Every Day

I used to not care what strains I smoked, so long as they were the super chronic. ‘Call it what you want, I just want to get baked,’ is what I would always say to people. However, as dispensaries become more widespread, and people continue to get seeds from seed banks rather than get their strains from friends, consuming marijuana with a name is becoming more and more common place.

I remember when I smoked my first marijuana that had a name attached to it, ‘The Project.’ It was a pure sativa strain that originated in Hawaii once upon a time (or so the folklore went, you never could be too sure back then!). A family friend was a top grower in my area, and he dedicated a small part of his garden to this new strain that he had recently acquired. He always referred to it as his ‘project.’ Whatever the original name was back in Hawaii became totally irrelevant, because me and my friends always called it ‘The Project.’ The weed was so good that the name stuck, and I still get asked about once every two days if I can still get ‘The Project.’

Some strain names are offending people. Colorado attorney Warren Edson was referred to in a Wall Street Journal article saying that “he would like to throttle the anonymous marijuana breeder who named a potent strain of weed ‘Green Crack.’ He’s not too fond, either, of those breeders who have given strains names like ‘Jack the Ripper,’ ‘White Widow,’ ‘AK-47’ and ‘Trainwreck.’” According to the article, Mr. Edson is ‘in the vanguard of an aggressive movement to make pot respectable–but decades of stoner culture keep dragging him down.’

When I read complaints about marijuana strain names being too violent in nature, I always think about how people that are new to the marijuana culture don’t realize the evolution in strain names. Back in the day, most marijuana consumers called high grade marijuana ‘kill bud.’ I know hundreds of middle aged stoners here in Oregon that ONLY call high grade marijuana ‘kill bud.’ I could lay out 30 different strains in front of them, all of them top notch nugs yet completely different in origin, and they would all be ‘kill bud’ according to these folks.

It makes me laugh every time they say it, but I fully respect their perspective on things. It is out of this slang that most new strains got their name. What is more ‘killer’ than an ‘AK-47,’ or ‘trainwreck,’ or ‘Jack the Ripper?’ The names are descriptive slang for an already established slang term for high grade marijuana. It’s just a theory of mine, but it makes sense to me.

How do TWB readers feel? I personally smoke some ‘Jack the Ripper’ and ‘Trainwreck’ every single day. I’ll tell you what, I LIKE THEM BOTH VERY MUCH! I don’t see anything wrong with the names Mr. Edson mentioned, as long as the marijuana is top notch. In fact, I couldn’t find anyone who was offended. One guy on FB told me, ‘Only narcs and yuppies would try to be classy stoners. Real stoners have grown up with those names throughout their entire stoner evolution, and the only thing they care about is the bite in the bong hit they take.’

I agree with you TC! Since when did pot need to be fancy for people to enjoy it? Don’t get me wrong, if people want to be politically correct then by all means, refer to your ‘fill in the blank with marijuana term’ any way you like. Just remember that being a part of the marijuana culture, by definition, is politically incorrect. So realize that you might not always get people to follow what you’re puttin’ out.

One of my hero’s, Colorado attorney put it best. “Part of normalizing this is putting it in peoples’ faces and saying, ‘You’ll get used to it…Maybe we could come up with holistic names that reflect the wellness idea? Like Harmony…I can tell you, ‘Trainwreck’ isn’t a great name for a medicine…Or maybe it is I’ve heard 75-year-old grandmas say, ‘I need more Trainwreck.’” LOL.

According to High Times, these are the top strain names out there:


1. Blueberry

2. Sour Diesel

3. Train Wreck

4. AK-47

5. White Widow

6. Northern Lights #5

7. Skunk #1

8. OG Kush

9. Boo-Ya

10. BC Bud/Beasters


1. Berry varieties (includes Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, Shiskaberry, Bubbleberry and various crosses)

2. Purple varieties (includes Purple Haze, Purps, Purple Kush, Purple Star and various crosses)

3. Blue varieties (includes Blueberry, Blue Satellite, Blue Moonshine, Blue Mystic and various crosses)

4. Kush varieties (includes OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Kush, Master Kush and various crosses)

5. Haze varieties (includes Haze, Super Silver Haze, Purple Haze, Amnesia Haze and various crosses)

6. Skunk varieties (includes Skunk, Island Sweet Skunk and various crosses)

7. White varieties (includes White Widow, White Rhino, White Russian and various crosses)

8. Northern Lights varieties (includes Northern Lights #5 and various crosses)


Ayatyollah, Bammer, Catpiss, Cheese, Comatoast, Dumpster, Euforia, Fast Freddie, Funky Skunky, Green Crack, Jack the Ripper, Neopolitan Dynamite, Piff, Pineapple Dogshit, Presidential Kush, Purple Goddess, Salmon, Sky Walker, Stinky Pinky, Texas Hammer and Velvet Elvis

I always joke with my friends that if there was a strain out there that made you crap your pants, like the ‘Brown Bomber’ off of the movie ‘Grandmas Boy,’ people in Oregon would smoke it. As long as it was the super chronic, we would just sit on the toilet and ride the higher high. I know that’s a vivid illustration that you probably didn’t need, but it highlights the point of this article; strain names don’t really matter, it’s the marijuana itself that counts.

I remember throughout the 90’s in my part of Oregon, if you had something that had a name, it better be top notch nugs or don’t even bother. If I had a dollar for every time someone had the G-13 or AK-47, I would be richer than Scrooge McDuck. On the flip side — if I had a dollar for every time it actually WAS the G-13 or AK-47, I’d still be too broke to buy a candy bar, if that tells you anything. Whenever I helped out friends, I would always be as straight up as possible…’you look at it, and make the educated decision for yourself.’ The only time that I would pass along a name is if it came from some weird guy, and the nickname I had for him stuck with the product itself – such as the ‘Steady Eddy.’


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  1. haha… Strain names are for the breeders, but it is fun to see smokers get excited when you tell them you have a particular strain and it happens to be one of their favorites. Naming a strain is a breeder’s right and attempt at becoming a part of the Marijuana Culture History, something that all breeders strive for for either personal reasons, or just because a strain they created surpassed even their expectations. These people criticizing strain names are whack, and obviously AGAINST medical marijuana. It is very helpful to a patient to know the strains that work for them. Some patients are VERY particular. Others are like that Colorado figure mentioned above, as long as it is over the top, it works for them. I would question some of the names that they have come up with for prescription meds. Names that are attractive to children on narcotics, cute packaging and colorful pills with sexy names. THAT is Bullshit. Liquor infused whipped cream. I could go on and on about how they name and package a lot of liquor products for teens and even younger. I heard a complaint about Afghan Kush? The right wing slanted news story seemed to make it sound like the Taliban was selling dro on your local street corner – cuz it was packaged in a jar at a dispensary labeled “Afghan Kush.” Wow, most of all, it seems to always reflect ignorance. Ignorance of the culture, ignorance of the processes and ignorance of the history of the plant and why there are names for strains. It is also accompanied by a hint of Jealousy. Jealous that their world is boring and lacks the interesting character that MUST accompany the culture where they name their “drugs” these fancy and sometimes “violent” names. I have to shoot back at that low-rent emotional attack on my favorite hobby by saying get a life. If you had a hobby of your own, you wouldn’t criticize mine. Also, what is in a name? How about this name: The War on Drugs? How does that one roll off the tongue? Hypocritical assholes.

  2. I find it amusing that the guy is hell bent over strain names. Green Crack was originaly called Cush,a dealer who was selling to Snoop Dog had it and snoop said “this shots so good its like Green Crack” and the name stuck. Why would anyone care about to make names PC anyway? Booze companys have names like “Dead Guy” does that offend you? Personaly I enjoy the names ppl tag plants with and as a med user and breeder I try to always research breeding pedigrees before a strain goes into my LEGAL medical garden. I dont want hermie genes or scwag genetics in my garden. A gent in our org. Was so pissed about the name AGENT ORANGE. He had been sprayed with it in Nam
    And just could not accept the name. Ppl need to just relax and smoke a bowl

  3. i think you are a faggot. you dont know nothing about weed. smoke some of my shit bro.

  4. Whoever owns this website needs to get facts, info, and current strains right. First off, there is no content or text of super lemon haze which is um, let me see, the highest thc content strain in the world? and has taken the last 2 cannabis cups? Come on now people..

  5. That’s a stellar explanation if I’ve ever heard one! At TWB, we are ALL ABOUT the local stoner lore. There was nothing funner growing up than trying to figure out if stoner myths were true or not. Ninjasmoker and I have always said we’d like to do a stoner myth busters show someday.

  6. Your right though, if pot had a name it better knock you on your ass. Growing up on the east coast I remember the good shit was just called Red Hair. It always had white crystals all over and strains of red hair poking out, damn that shit was good.

  7. I always understood trainwreck was called such because it left you stupefied with your mouth hanging open, like you just watched a trainwreck. I like the story, but I don’t know if it’s true….just thought you might be interested in my local stoner lore.

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