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Anchorage Assembly Votes Against Ordinance To Ban Marijuana Sales


alaska marijuana legalizationAlaska voters approved a marijuana legalization initiative last month during the 2014 Election. Alaska joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Washington D.C. in approving a marijuana legalization initiative. Marijuana opponents in Alaska started almost immediately to prevent marijuana sales from occurring in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. Fortunately, those efforts were for not, as the Anchorage Assembly voted down an ordinance that would have banned marijuana sales within city limits. Per KTVA:

Tuesday’s Assembly meeting brought public testimony from both sides of the issue. After hearing more than 50 people share their sides, the Assembly brought the ordinance to a vote.

In the end, the Assembly shot the down the ordinance, 9-2, with Demboski and Paul Honeman as the only two who voted yes.

A 9-2 victory is significant. It shows the voters of Anchorage that an overwhelming majority of their Assembly members respect their votes. Obviously, the two Assembly members that voted for the ban are clearly out of touch, and will hopefully experience some backlash when they are up for re-election. This is a huge victory for the City of Anchorage, and for the entire State of Alaska. Hopefully sales start sooner than later so the marijuana industry can generate tax revenues, create jobs, and move marijuana sales from the blackmarket into a regulated, legitimate market.


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  1. My native birth State. And I do love it. It wasn’t even a state yet when I was born there. That said, there’s one thing I’d like to see changed: Payment’s made to state resident’s for the drilling of fossil-fuel within the state. All this accomplishes is the perpetuation of more drilling, lobbying to open up more public land. Instead put the money into a rainy-day education fund, a climate change fund, Cannabis research etc. I don’t receive a rebate check from Washington every year for the Oysters, crabs and Salmon it ships to China and Japan. End Alaska’s big oil big $$$ lobby extortion!

  2. firetheliberals on

    opponents of legalization in anchorage and now the moronic states of oklahoma and nebraska refuse to accept the will of the people. weed will be legalized, deal with it.

  3. Considering the overwhelming majority of Alaska residents live in/around the greater Anchorage area, there was no way the Assembly would move to block cannabis sales from moving forward. Not after 52.3% of the voters in a *midterm* election voted for it. I’m incredibly glad for the citizens of Alaska that their lawmakers can feel the wind changing.

    Congratulations, Alaska!

    Be sure to vote against Amy Demboski in the coming election for mayor of Anchorage for proposing this ban.

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