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Animated Video About How Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Damage


The animation is titled “Smoking Marijuana does not Harm Lungs: Study Says” and serves to explain the results of a US government-funded study on the effects of smoking marijuana on lung function.

Smoking Marijuana does not Harm Lungs: Study Says
(Download from News Direct)


The animation is from Next Media Animation’s News Direct service, which provides accurate and informative daily animations to news outlets worldwide. It is free to download by signing up here. The story is available in full 1920×1080 HD or web-friendly format. Our reenactments are all based on media reports.


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  1. Interesting. Love the animations of people smoking! hah. Hopefully within 5 – 10 years medical cannabis at the very least will be available world wide. :)

  2. Brendan McBride on

    The study says 1 in 15 american teens have tried marijuana…..That is completely under exagerated…try 7 or 8 in 15 americans

  3. see smoking medical marijuana has SO many belifits, and the best thing of all is that you cant get lung cancer witch is real good thats why they should band ciggs and make it leagual to smoke for all pacients in every state all over sense you cant die from it and maybe not just for the pacients to smoke have reg people smoke it to if they dont want to smoke ciggs sense thats the only opption we have to releave stress witch sucks i would rather smoke weed to releave it instead of ciggs

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