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Another Marijuana-Based School Will Help Arizonans Get on Track


As the people of Arizona usher in Prop 203, which will make available 124 dispensary licenses for the state, 420 College will be on the scene to help blaze this new trail with it’s brand of knowledge and professional expertise.

420 College is a California based Medical Marijuana Training Institute, which focuses on marijuana law, medical marijuana business, and provides an extensive discourse in general cannabis education.

With such a limited number of licenses up for grabs, time is of the essence. As a result, 420 College will be taking their show on the road to Arizona to help interested entrepreneurs get a head start on the application process, and a handle on the in and outs of this sometimes complex industry.

420 College’s track record of student success in California has been ahead of the curve, and many attendees have gone to start their own marijuana dispensaries and other related businesses. With these recent developments, the school now looks to do the same for those in Arizona.

From day one, the school has not only been educating interested individuals, it has also been providing assistance to it’s students through the many steps required to start up a medical marijuana business. 420 College’s staff includes experienced lawyers, doctors, and other marijuana professionals, which walk students through the various paperwork and permits, and provide assurance that their ventures adhere to local law.

In anticipation of the passing of Prop 203, these experts have teamed up with Arizona professionals to develop a comprehensive program for the newly legal state. 420 College will start things off with a seminar series in Tempe, Arizona on the 5th and 6th of February 2011.

Along with this type of thorough entrepreneurial and legal instruction, these seminars will also feature a discussion on the disparages between California and Arizona marijuana laws and a special cultivation workshop.

420 College’s overall objective has always been to extend education and community to those individuals interested in becoming a part of one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. As the cannabis movement spreads across the country, 420 College is making strides to stay in step and bring its expertise to wherever it’s needed.


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