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Another Missouri Drug Task Force Violates Sunshine Law


audrian county missouri marijuana show me cannabisShow-Me Cannabis Staff Member Ejected from Audrain County Sheriff’s Office

By Aaron Malin

Show-Me Cannabis staff were forcibly removed from the Audrain County Sheriff’s office the afternoon of January 29th. Director of research Aaron Malin, along with legal counsel David Roland, came to the Sheriff’s office to exercise their legal right observe a public meeting of the oversight board of the East Central Drug Task Force. After waiting in the office for several minutes to be admitted to the meeting, Lieutenant Matthew Oller physically barred Malin and Roland from entering the meeting and ordered them to leave the premises, warning of consequences if the two did not obey his commands.

In doing so, the East Central Drug Task Force blatantly violated RSMo 610.020. Missouri’s Sunshine Law requires that meetings of public governmental bodies, such as a board of directors for a drug task force, to be open to the public not only to observe, but to record the proceedings.

Today’s incident is just the latest in a series of illegal activities by Missouri’s consistently unscrupulous drug task forces. “Once again, a drug task force is acting as though they are above the law. We will ensure they learn that’s not the case,” Malin said. “These rogue task forces have almost no accountability to begin with. When the public is denied access to the meetings designed to provide a modicum of oversight, it raises serious questions about what they are hiding.”

In recent weeks, the Missouri Department of Public Safety requested millions of dollars in funding for drug task forces. Show-Me Cannabis is encouraging Missourians to contact their state legislators in Jefferson City to request Missouri’s drug task forces be defunded and dismantled. Show-Me Cannabis is also preparing to publicly release a comprehensive report next week on Missouri’s drug task force activity. The report is titled, “Drug Task Forces in Missouri: Secret, Dangerous, and Unaccountable; A Thorough Exploration of Patterns of Gross Misconduct.”

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  1. don woolbright on

    Them sumbitches raided our home several years ago with a search warrant that lacked probable cause because an anonymous source said “we may be storing marijuana at our home.” We have been battling them in courts since. The tide has been turning for the past year & they are clearly on the defensive.

  2. The most desirable solution would be reform of the society of the Thin Blue Line from within, but all I see is resistance to change. There are quite a few similarities between the culture of street gangs and the culture of the police force. The reality of almost everyone having a way to record what they witness has yet to impact the LEO’s self image. They have no idea the population at large is beginning to take note of their widespread abuse of authority. Demilitarization and loss of confiscation monies has yet to make an impact, but it is a start. One thing that would help is stricter psychological testing and for higher levels of empathy for police candidates.
    Until Joe Sixpack and Suzy Soapopera re-evaluate their hierarchy of fears and see that danger of a SWAT team in their home is as likely to happen as a home invasion don’t expect sufficient outrage to force any rapid changes. The illusion that people of color and low incomes are the only victims of abuse does not help. To our law enforcement officers the view is ‘us versus them’. In case you haven’t noticed balances have been changing and the power is becoming more concentrated, that means less and less people are under the cop’s umbrella of ‘us’.
    I suspect that the elected county sheriff system is not helping the levels of abuse of power and corruption. Our police have to answer to elected officials while the sheriff is the elected official.
    I believe the need to control others is the worst addiction in the world.

  3. time to defund the programs and fire those personality disorders that border on psychotic

  4. “This has been going on for forty years. These corruptions are emerging all over the country. It’s not systemic to a police department, per se, but it is systemic to the War on Drugs in the context that the federal government is basically corrupting local government with their funds and the helter-skelter way of putting these task forces together and diverting local police from their basic public safety duties to the priorities of the federal government in terms of the War on Drugs.”

    —Former Deputy Chief Stephen Downing, a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.

    According to Paul Craig Roberts, a former editor of the Wall Street Journal and former assistant secretary to the treasury under Ronald Reagan, “Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public.”

  5. Don’t you know they have badges that makes them exempt from all laws and they can do and break any laws they chose. Some people who are against legalization believe this to be ok as long as it’s only happens when it’s about Marijuana. But just remember prohibition advocates, corruption only grows worse not less.

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