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Another Poll Shows Marijuana Legalization Winning In Oregon


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationOregonians are getting their ballots in the mail right now, and many are no doubt voting ‘yes’ on Measure 91. I have yet to see a poll showing marijuana legalization losing. Sure, there are polls that show less than 50% support, but the ‘no’ side of those polls is in the 30-low 40% range. So hypothetically, if all of the ‘undecided voters’ voted no, it could swing the election in favor of marijuana prohibition. I’m hopeful that won’t happen, and I hope people keep urging their friends and family members to vote ‘yes’ on Measure 91.

Another poll was released yesterday that showed Measure 91 winning by a heft margin. Per Survey USA:

Briefly overshadowed in some quarters by the week’s events, is Oregon Ballot Measure 91, which would legalize recreational marijuana for adults age 21 and older. Today, “Yes” on 91 leads “No” 48% to 37%. Compared to an identical 09/25/14 SurveyUSA poll, Yes is up 4 points, No is down 3 points. Yes had led by 4, now leads by 11. Greater Portland supports 91 by 15 points. The “rest of Oregon” supports 91 by just 2 points. Caution: support for this measure is young. Opposition is old. Older voters are more reliable than younger voters in a mid-term election. Any outcome remains possible, though “Yes” has the upper hand at this hour.

Cell-phone respondents and home-phone respondents included in this research: SurveyUSA interviewed 700 state of Oregon adults 10/16/14 through 10/19/14. Of the adults, 623 were registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 561 were determined by SurveyUSA to be return a ballot before the 11/04/14 deadline. This research was conducted using blended sample, mixed mode. Respondents reachable on a home telephone (72% of likely voters) were interviewed on their home telephone in the recorded voice of a professional announcer. Respondents not reachable on a home telephone (28% of likely voters) were shown a questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or other electronic device. Interviewing for this survey was conducted during fast-moving news events. It is possible voters have not had time to digest some of the news as yet. In that case, these numbers may change again between now and Election Day.

I personally don’t want to see anyone else arrested for marijuana in Oregon. I also don’t want to have to live in fear of having my son taken away from me because of marijuana prohibition. I would also love to see the look on my old college classmate’s faces when marijuana is legalized (public policy major in college), something that they said would never be done in Oregon. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit DidTheyVote.Org to see if your friends and/or family members have voted yet, and if they haven’t, give them a gentle reminder. As the survey stated, we need as many people to vote as possible, especially young people, which are by far our largest demographic to this website. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are between the ages of 18-34, so make sure to vote, and tell every other Oregonian you know to do the same!


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Johnny Green


  1. Rusti Mccollum on

    I have a PRESCRIPTION.Im not just laying around munching cheetos, smoking pot and being unproductive.. Thats just not true.I live like anyone else and if you did not know me you would have no idea I have a OMMP card. Even though its legal here, (state level but recently feds came out saying they would not waste resources prosecuting ..)I still keep my prescription. Because that is what it is to me medicine no different than any other of my meds..

  2. EugeneAnthroMan on

    Sure it is, by your own logic, just because the Federal government CHOOSES not to prosecute, does not make it illegal. It is still on the books as being illegal in Federal Law? There is no difference between this and the driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. A part of the law is being ignored to make the state better/safer. The only difference is one is a benefit YOU get, and one is a benefit someone you look down upon gets.
    I can make the same argument on legalized pot. We will have undesirable, lazy, reefer heads coming to Oregon to get their right to wake and bake. They will be a drain on our welfare system while they get high on our dollar.
    See how that argument can be made?

  3. Rusti Mccollum on

    You are a grower in Eugene I know who you are…. How do you know if i smoke it eat it or how i get my LEGAL MJ…..

  4. Rusti Mccollum on

    Ok I’m am NOT illegal I got my DL in 1979 and at 51 don’t have a ticket. I am a LEGAL citizen on this country so I deserve the PRIVILEGES A DL brings , it opens to MANY DOORS TO CITIZENSHIP…

  5. EugeneAnthroMan on

    I find it interesting that here you are, smoking an ILLEGAL drug, according to Federal Law (which supersedes state law) and Measure 91 would open the door to more ILLEGAL activity… You know, like you said about the Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented People. Yet here you are doing ILLEGAL things yourselves. Just like the state would ignore the ILLEGAL status for the purposes of making sure undocumented people would be safe to drive, and have insurance, which would benefit all other American drivers on the road, the federal government is ignoring your ILLEGAL STATUS so you can wake and bake in the morning, and so legalized pot can reduce the number of ILLEGALS like you we throw in jail, and help out those in need. I mean by your logic People Who Do ILLEGAL things would come to Oregon because we won’t prosecute. Isn’t that your complaint on the Driver’s Licenses?
    Yeah, I voted yes on 91, but I just want to point out that you are a FLAMING HYPOCRITE!

  6. Rusti Mccollum on

    YOUNG PEOPLE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! Use the ONLY voice you have in this country. PLease vote and please vote YES on 91!

  7. Rusti Mccollum on

    Hubby and i voted a big fat YES .Im a patient and I am at the mercy of the high prices of growers and dispensaries..

  8. Already voted yes, ballot in the mail. Crossing fingers. Its just common sense people.

  9. Way to go Johnny! Glad to see you reminding folks to get out and vote!

    You are awesome!

    Get out and vote, people! 91 will not pass if you don’t vote. Tell a friend to vote also!

  10. I am 54 and voting yes and my ballot goes in tomorrow’s ballot box. Just realize we need to do this for everyone involved.

  11. I’m 47. Haven’t used marijuana in 25 years. I already mailed my ballot with a Yes! Marijuana prohibition doesn’t work and it’s time to stop wasting time on it.

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