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Another Poll Shows Strong Support For Legalizing Marijuana


dank up closeby Phillip Smith

An Angus-Reid Public Opinion poll released Wednesday is just the latest to show majority support for marijuana legalization. The poll had support for legalization at 52%, with 44% opposed.

That’s in line with a Rasmussen poll released a couple of weeks ago that had support for legalizing and regulating marijuana at 56%, and also in lline with other recent polls that show legalizing gaining majority support and trending upward.

In the Angus-Reid poll, majorities of men (60%), independents (57%), and Democrats (54%) supported pot legalization, while people over 55 (48%), women (45%), and Republicans (43%) were less likely to support it.

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot this year in Colorado and Washington, with signature-gathering campaigns for more legalization initiatives still underway in Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and Oregon. The West has generally shown higher levels of support for legalization than the rest of the country, but Angus-Reid has not made a geographic breakdown of support available for this poll.

While a majority supports marijuana legalization, that’s not the case for other drugs. Only 10% would support legalizing ecstasy, 9% cocaine, 8% heroin or crack cocaine, and 7% methamphetamine.

But two-thirds (66%) think the war on drugs is a failure, while only 10% think it has been a success. That opinion cuts across the political spectrum, with majorities of independents (69%), Republicans (63%), and Democrats (63%) saying the drug war is a failure.

Still, 68% thought America has a serious drug problem that affects the whole country. One-fifth (20%) thought drug problems were limited to specific areas and people, while 5% thought America doesn’t have a drug problem.The poll was an online survey of a representative sample of 1,017 American adults with a margin of error of +/-3.1%.

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  1. Cannabissjoe on

    cannabis is not a drug; it’s a medicine that is throughly abused because of greed.  not physically
    abusive but abused because of ignorance and greed.

  2. There could be greater concern on the national and international, “Alcohol”
    epidemic . There is  real problem.

  3. Isn’t long past the time to end this unlawful prohibition of a plant that helped make the US a great nation? The cordage of hemp, the sails, the clothing, the foods and medicines, the building products that are just waiting to be “Made in America” that will get America working again is just waiting for the Congressional repeal and a Presidential signature.

    Ron Paul will be that President, and we need to be sure that we elect a Congress with courage to support his policy of liberty.http://fixamerica-fredmars.blogspot.com/2012/05/taking-back-america.html

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