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Anti-Marijuana Campaign Bus Ad Has A Typo


If I had a dollar for every time a marijuana opponent called me stupid or mentally inferior because I consume marijuana, I would have enough money to do a lot of things. I will be the first to say that my grammar is not always 100% clean, however, that’s largely due to the fact that I wake up two hours earlier than I need to before work and don’t have an editor. If I was, say, a member of a professional campaign staff that was creating an anti-marijuana ad to put on the side of Washington D.C. buses, I would make sure that my grammar was 100% on point.

In yet another blunder by the anti-marijuana movement, it appears that the ‘No on 71’ campaign in Washington D.C. debuted some bus ads that clearly misspells ‘edibles.’ Below is a picture of the ad:

no on 71 marijuana bus ad dc

If refraining from consuming marijuana makes you smarter, wouldn’t you think that the ‘No on 71’ campaign would have caught something like this? Per the Washington City Paper:

The anti-marijuana campaign, which has raised $3,838 as of Friday, will spend nearly all its treasury on that ad campaign. The group’s Office of Campaign Finance report shows a $3,377.03 ad expenditure. Two is Enough says it’ll focus the ads on bus routes in Southeast, “where legalization will have the greatest impact.”

Unluckily for Two is Enough, there’s one thing holding back their bus ads: misspelling “edibiles” in the above ad. LL’s waiting to hear back from the campaign on whether the bus ad will include the misspelling, although campaign backer Patrick Royal reacted with “yikes” when LL pointed it out last night.

This goof comes around the same time that marijuana opponents released an article suggesting that Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri was caused by his marijuana use, an article suggesting that marijuana may lead to terrorism, and a false claim at a debate that five babies have died in Colorado due to marijuana, all of which is clearly false. Marijuana opponents are desperate, and based off of the typo on the bus ads, not that smart!


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Johnny Green


  1. Sad spelling mistake… Must have been caused by that 8 POINT DROP in their IQ from all that ALCOHOL they drank as adolescents !

  2. Karen Ferguson on

    Oh…this is over-the-top good. I’m happy now and can go to work in attempts to get a roof sealed in Spanish. Wish you all could “come over” to Merida, Yucatan and hang out w/ me. Yesterday, tired and hungry, I went to my ‘tortilla factory’ 3 doors down. And, said “Hola Fernando, Que tal? Fernando said, “Buenos Dias, Karen!” Then I said, “Tengo hombre!! He laughed. It’s “Tengo hambre!!” [I’m hungry]. Instead, I said excitedly, “I have a man!!” ejejeje…

  3. Karen Ferguson on

    OMG..I think the ‘mistake’ may be true. Hope not..That made me laugh, too. Thank you, I needed that….

  4. Karen Ferguson on

    Wow…what a glaring mistake. Demonstrates their idiocy, close-mindedness, and over-all uneducated minds. Want to yell “WAKE UP!!” Thank you..it did start my day with a huge laugh.

  5. Nice catch, Johnny. I’m reminded of several occasions when I was in newspaper business and embarrassing typos were published. The best one was when the word “minorities” was used instead of “minors.” It went like this: “Beverly
    Hills considers zero tolerance for minorities and first-time
    offenders who drink and drive.”

  6. You’re not suggesting that this word was misspelled on purpose? That would be a “bile” act. :)

  7. I know this isn’t the gist of your post, but those edibles are targeting the kid in all of us, (for those of us who are still familiar with our inner child). It’s up to parents to keep the drugs away from kids, not the people who make them. I’d love to see the statistics for emergency room visits of kids who got into their parents prescription drugs and alcohol. Jeeze. Lame.

  8. And also…”If I had a dollar for every time a marijuana opponent called ME stupid or mentally inferior…” Oh well. No harm done. lol. Keep up the good work Johnny!

  9. I’ll proof yours if you’ll proof mine! Bwaaaaahahaaaaa. Shouldn’t it be “…bus AD has typo”?

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