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Anti-Marijuana SB 783 Passes In Michigan Senate


Michigan Medical marijuanaLANSING- SB 783, the highly controversial bill that proposes to amend the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to prevent some uses of medical marijuana on a person’s own property, has passed the Senate by a vote of 31 – 7.

The bill was introduced February 12. A Committee hearing took place just one week after introduction, a fast track in the world of legislation. The full Senate vote took place before noon on March 4. Robin Schneider, legislative liaison for the National Patients Rights Association, said the bill passed “without amendments.” An effort to tie the progress of SB 783 to another bill that would amend the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMA) was offered by Sen. Kowall, but was easily defeated 10-27.

SB 783 proposes two changes to the Marihuana Act (MMA): it would prevent smoking of marijuana on private property anywhere the activity could be seen by others and would allow landlords to prohibit smoking or growing of marijuana by their tenants, if the prohibition is written into the lease.

Since the MMA was a voter-directed initiative it requires a supermajority vote in the House and Senate for any amendments to pass. Three-quarters of all Senators and House Reps would have to approve the measure before it could be sent to Gov. Snyder for a vote, and that meant at least 29 Senators had to accept SB 783. 31 of them did.

The language of the bill states:

Section 7(b)3(b): “This act does not permit any person to… smoke marihuana… in any public place, which includes any portion of private property open to the public.”

Section 7(b)3(c): ”This act does not permit any person to… smoke marihuana… on private property, in violation of a prohibition established by the property owner.”

Section 7(c) 3: “Nothing in this Act shall construed to require… a private property owner to lease residential property to any person who smokes or cultivates marihuana on the premises, if the prohibition against smoking or cultivating marihuana is in the written lease.”

Read the bill’s most recent version HERE.

The bill was authored by Senator Rick Jones (R- Grand Ledge), a man known for his disdain for the MMA. Jones has consistently maintained that the MMA should be reserved for only those individuals on death’s door and that the majority of registered, certified, card-holding Michiganders who participate in the MMA program are not legitimate users.

In the past Jones has offered bills to remove glaucoma from the list of conditions which qualify one for use of medical marijuana and the prohibition of marijuana clubs.

A summary of all legislation introduced that would alter the rules for medical marijuana patients in Michigan, since 2009:

michigan leglisation to date marijuana cannabis


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  1. I guess They don’t want million to a million in a 1/2 a day in taxes yeah that will not help. do them guys even know what they are doing up there.

  2. pills & alcohol are much better….. they don’t even worrie about health care schools they are worried about this
    keep up the good work soon (Michigan) Will be the poorest state. I will move out so sad ,

  3. Way to go against the tide, GOP dickheads, always the obstructionists at all costs.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    That’s the GOP for ya. They’ll talk a bunch of talk about “freedom” while taking away your freedom. Vote ’em out!

  5. Brandi Woodbury on

    This is crap…. If I want to smoke on my own property I should be able to… since when did we start telling people what they can and cant do… So what if i get drunk in the back yard and act stupid in front of people are the going to come and arrest me? No I don’t think so..such crap..

  6. Jones is an idiot. Just don’t vote for him. Obviously he doesn’t care about pressing issues like the economy, or violence. He is a supporter of the cartels whether he is intelligent enough to understand or not. A vote for him is a vote for more drug violence, which keeps his LEO cronies happy, but at the expense of life.

  7. So you’re telling me that I can’t smoke cannabis, (that is LEGAL in Michigan) in my own backyard, because the smoke may waft into someone else’s backyard? You’ve gotta be shittin me? We just went through this SAME thing here in Phoenix with a Homeowners Association who tried to do the same thing and the PEOPLE went nuts. They changed their minds about this policy within a week because of the backlash from the media and citizens. REMEMBER who all voted FOR this bill in November. If YOUR Representative voted FOR this, I don’t care if he’s your DADDY, you’ve GOT to vote against him in November! We can NO LONGER keep voting these people into office. No I’m NOT a Liberal either. I’m a Conservative that is more Libertarian than anything. I worked inside the GOP for years until they really started imposing themselves into my PERSONAL LIBERTIES.

    We’ve got one of these types of legislators here in Arizona. (John Kavannagh) He wastes more time trying to overturn our medical marijuana law with the DUMBEST most intrusive laws you’ve ever seen instead of dealing with the REAL problems facing Arizonans. (e.g.: ACTUALLY proposed a LAW forbidding Transgendered persons is AZ from using the Public Restrooms of the Sex in which they were “transgendered” into. Meaning a man that has been surgically turned into a woman would STILL be required to use the Men’s Restroom because that’s the way they were born) Ass if we’ve got a REAL problem with the 200 transgendered people in AZ doing this. He toes the NEO-CON line no matter where it takes him. He’s a MORON!

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