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Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Suggests Marijuana Edibles Will Lead To Rape


The battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been contentious. Both sides have raised millions of dollars. The ‘No on 2’ campaign, which opposes medical marijuana, has used some shady campaign tactics to try to scare voters into voting ‘no’ on Election Day. For instance, anti-medical marijuana supporters in Florida have suggested that marijuana leads to gay sex and AIDS. That’s despicable, even for politics.

The ‘No on 2’ campaign has rolled out a new tactic which is something right out of the Reefer Madness movie. The ‘No on 2’ campaign released an image suggesting that if medical marijuana is legalized, then marijuana cookies will become the new date rape drug of choice by predators. Below is the image:

date rape medical marijuana cookie florida

(via Facebook)

I wish I was making this stuff up, but unfortunately, I’m not. Never mind that patients are suffering in Florida. Never mind that medical marijuana can help many of these people, and reduce their dependency on harmful pharmaceuticals. Instead of focusing on the facts and the science, the ‘No on 2’ campaign is relying on outright scare tactics in an attempt to trick voters into thinking that medical marijuana will lead to date rape. To say I’m disgusted is a huge understatement.

The new tactic, and every tactic for that matter, used by the ‘No on 2’ campaign is a disgrace, and highlights just how desperate they are. Almost half of the United States has already legalized medical marijuana, yet I have never heard of a ‘cookie date rape epidemic’ happening anywhere. This campaign strategy is wrong, offensive, and should not be tolerated. Vote yes on 2!


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Johnny Green


  1. perhaps some dr grinspoon could make the neuron deficient underdeveloped high treasonous traitors understand
    that they are not the only ones living on this land
    the federal government talks of a looming deficit in the trillions
    don’t you think its time to stop all the tax evading fraud, and save millions?
    the tax evaders i am speaking of get their tax breaks
    from illegally warring on the cannabis community through urinalysis for heavens sakes

    Ive heard it said that legalizing the cannabis communities constitutional rights could cause problems for those who depend on the monies gained through confiscation, STEALING

    who cares?

  2. Gosh you really don’t know very much about the history of cannabis prohibition, do you Mrs.Purple420? And you owe me an apology for calling me “sick minded”.

    The reason everything has to be about race is because cannabis prohibition (and the enforcement thereof) is ALL about race. Instead of jumping to conclusions and failing to note the OBVIOUS SARCASM of my post you would be better off googling the phrase “step on white people’s shadows”. It will open your eyes to a whole flood of historical information about exactly why cannabis is illegal and what sorts of things were said to manipulate and inflame public opinion.

  3. Purple.monique on

    WTF marijuana don’t lead to peoples raping peoples.. And why in the hell everything gotta be about black and white.. God sees no black and white just stupid humans.. And if a white woman wants a black man than that’s fine why everybody can’t get alone?… Dusty Relic you are one sick minded person.. And if someone want to rape then that what they gonna do no matter what.. No cause the weed cookies.. Imma need you to DO BETTER cause you are a sad case.. You don’t need marjiuana if it have you thinking like that… And I am out

  4. Like an evil Cookie Monster nailing big bird or big bird nailing the monster?
    What fantasy realm does this play out in anyway? I think we need more specifics if they expect us to swallow this load of dog jizz.
    Evil greedy basterds seem to be the only ones against this movement at least their making compleat fools of them selfs. :( poor big bird

  5. It boils down to people not understanding so they fight what they don’t know… PS Cookie monster may have been eating these?

  6. Thank you I couldn’t have said it better. I am a disabled chronic pain patient, I have tried to pass out from smoking, eating, vapor, I guess I must have the tolerance of the iron man. The best I can get is a serious stare at the wall, or a light cat nap..

  7. Robinwilliams on

    You All Know What I mean

    six,,,,,zero,,five–three,,,five,,six—seven,,six,,seven,,three now and grab your stone at the very right time see you then

  8. Some strains do have an upper limit to their effects – but some strains can get you way too f-ed up. And if you ate too much of an edible version, a newbie might be pretty incapacitated. Throwing up is not out of the question.

    But so messed up you weren’t aware, and couldn’t respond? That would have to be an extremely unusual set of circumstances….

    Party with people who care about you.

  9. I think you are confusing “passing out to the point of unconsciousness” due to overconsumption of alcohol and “falling into a restful sleep from which you are easily awakened” due to marijuana consumption.” Theres the flaw in your reasoning.

  10. Yeah but I bet you woke right up in a snap when someone waved a marijuana cookie under your nose asshole.

  11. No need for marijuana cookies – there’s alcohol. I believe the legal term is “drunken consent”.

  12. Thanks Johnny–great post. If they can’t sow fear, they can’t win. It’s really all they have left. Cannabis has never been associated with date rape, and they know it.If they’re really concerned about date rape drugs, they should check out the most effective one by far. I believe they call it “alcohol”.

  13. I guess I’ll ditch that really short skirt I’ve been trying to fit into… Wearing it could get me raped.

    If a woman passes out from drugs or alcohol, why would a man obviously take advantage? What if it was a woman who had passed out from heat exhaustion, a medical problem, or just to sleep? It’s only when a woman takes drugs that she’s somehow responsible for being attacked.

    When, actually, it’s about being in the wrong place at the wrong time — just like getting shot or murdered. And women have no control over… fate.

  14. I think most people will disagree, especially when it comes to concentrates/edibles. I’ve eaten a few brownies at once and felt like I was going to pass out for a bit. Had I not paced myself and ate more I probably would have. The good news is that unlike drinking too much and passing out, there’s no hangover, no liver damage, no brain damage, no vomiting, etc.

    In my limited experience, marijuana edibles have a distinctive taste which would make them very difficult to trick someone with. They’re also not a pill that can be popped into a drink. Like others have said, there’s potential, but you blame the person who committed the act, not the method.

    Doing things responsibly like having friends who will watch out for you at the party is a much better choice.

  15. Nobody said anything about “asking for” anything. I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth. Nobody deserves to get raped. However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that rape happens, just like murder. Nobody deserves to get murdered either. But both of those things happen. Therefore, it is in your best interest to protect yourself. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to. But then, ideally, we wouldn’t need the police if this were the case.

  16. I’m sorry, yes, I should have been explicit about this. I use for recreational purposes.

  17. Weird. I’ve passed out plenty of times after a day of nonstop smoking. I guess I must be smoking something else.

  18. Discrimination of the cannabis community is a crime
    the cannabis community has every right to get a job and earn a dime
    all those who are not in favor of our constitution
    should not hold any public office, as they’re diseased high treasonous war loving Constitution hating minds will lead what is left of this depressed country to ruin

  19. stellarvoyager on

    Those “irresponsible” women are just “asking for it”, right? What a load of cråp.

  20. Wow fad I’m ashamed to say but, you and I will get to see choose state is the dumbest, I’m voting for mine Fla. I hope it makes it easier for you. Best regards

  21. Yes we still live in men’s f*®€k. Club, and florida has the dumbest. Kick rick snott out of office

  22. No, you are wrong or using for recreation. I have consummated the best cal. Weed, never mind, your entitled to your opinion. I have passed out on liquor. You just fall down drunk you can’t get that way on weed , in fact I have smoked so much in a day that it didn’t work anymore. To say the potential is there, is ludicrous.
    We are taking about med. Mj, so I’m sure there is young ppl that are dating and med patients , but I’m sure they will be the minority. This whole thing is about med. Mj, if you think I’m sharing you’re crazy. It seems when they can’t argue the facts they make up new lies. This is medical not recreational, stop flipping the dif. They are not the same.

  23. The potential is there, you must be smoking something other than pot. You can not pass out on pot. You can be sleepy and need to lay down. Beer, wine, whiskey, ludes, ruffes, NOT POT. No matter how inspired I’ve been , I have always been able to come back to conscience and know what’s going on. Wowfad where are you

  24. I’ve been smoking since 1967 pretty much every day and have not yet passed out, but I promise to keep trying. In the interest of science, of course.

  25. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against marijuana. On the contrary. However, you have clearly not consumed enough if you think it doesn’t cause you to pass out. Smoke enough in one sitting, and you will pass out.

  26. You are thinking from the point of view of a smoker, not a rapist. Only one person needs to be drugged for the rape to be facilitated. The guy doesn’t need to consume weed for the rape to happen. It’s not absolutely absurd, however, nobody is arguing the same thing about alcohol, despite it being far more common (and in fact, actually linked to rape and violence).

  27. While rape is terrible and rapists should be shot, women need to realize that putting yourself in dangerous situations is avoidable. It’s not your fault for getting raped, but you shouldn’t go through life expecting flowers and rainbows. If I pass out in public, there is a good chance I will lose my wallet. Is that my fault? Well, not technically. But I should know better than to be so irresponsible.

  28. Absurd. Marijuana does not lower your inhibitions, nor does it cause you to “pass out.” You must be thinking of beer.

  29. If you’re planning to date rape someone, chances are you wouldn’t consume the cannabis yourself. It’s not 100% unlikely. I’ve seen plenty of girls passed out from weed. However, these people should be campaigning against rape, not marijuana.

  30. Well, the potential is there, it’s not a completely absurd notion. However, none of the arguments that have been made against marijuana are exclusive dangers of the plant.

  31. So dumb. People spike alcohol all the time and I’m not hearing shit about that. As for weed making people gay LOL Try to argue with a actual fact.

  32. It’s true! It will lead to rape and will encourage black people to look at white women in the eye and to step on white peoples’ shadows! It’s really true! Run into the streets screaming with your hands waving high above your head!

  33. for the record, i tried to come in here to publically apologize for the comment, but my tires were low, and i tried to race in here any way, and with no food, other than breakfast, i got weak in my legs, and felt like i was going to pass out, so i had to stop, and turn around, i would never have made here to the library in time, but an effort was made for the record, where i stand, if it matters, if not then thats just tops too lol

  34. but the idea was sparked due to the idea of every time they take another cannabis consumer hostage and ask for ransom, it makes me realize that the high treasonous offenders are getting off scott free, they live their cake walk life with no encumbrances, and no fear of retribution of their heiness crimes to humanity, the cannabis unfriendlies always mention the plusses of their way of thinking, and if you think about it, hitler i supopose after killing all the jews, i suppose some positive thing came out of that too, but it was the most horrible thing known to life to kill like hitler did, just as it is wrong to kill off the cannabis community like the usa is doing, administering cbd, taking away the spiritual thc, and only giving thc to those who can afford it, and the only ones who can afford it are those who pass the drug screen, and they dont toke, unless they do, but they stop to fool the drug screen and then retoke after, but that would make them liars wouldnt it, and we all know that we do not want a society of liars!?

    so it is really messed up here in the states

    work for your self, thats my motto

  35. i agree pain kills, after imbibed, i imagined what horrible spectacle of a sight it must be to witness a hanging of anyone, and as i imagined the terrible sight, i realized that if the mean people had not killed Jesus, what might else he have tought, they claimed he was so smart equating him with God, i then had to ask God for forgiveness for even thinking the animalistcal way of having the state kill for the offense, and tune in to a higher way of thought, their really must be a better way to deal with high treasonous offenses, for warring on groups of people called the cannabis community
    i say though, i am disappointed in how hard it is to find a good sativa cheaply here in denver, after all i believe the healing powers are in the sativa for day use, as sativa=daytime high time and indica= nite time sleepy time, also, i have found sativa to also be spiritual much to my surprise, and a pleasant surprise that day was to have discovered it for my self, it well, i will leave it at that, only yeah, killing is wrong, got to be another way, toke on
    did i mention that i speaking on important matters, did i mention that the platte river was kind enough to have let me pull out of it a original “nick at nite yoyo?” I am very excited to have found that nifty nugget of niftiness:-)
    i remember in the autobiography Harpo Speaks, harpo said something like when the world seems like it has gone crazy, he would stand on his head, the idea was to do something really crazy, to i guess take your mind off other things, harpo was treated very badly by Randolph Hurst, cause as Harpo visited the castle, for dinner, mr hurst had a huge fireplace big enough for a bus to fit in harpo said, and he would always put new comers by the far end of the long table nearest the fireplace, now that is a tortuous man, why would hurst be so mean to his guests?
    the same mean ness is what ended up causeing the war against the cannabis community, due to Hurst’s influential lies in his newspaper etc..

  36. How did people buy into ,because of the color of your skin a plant orginally they said locoweed and it would be a date rape drug.Then they lumped hemp into it and ruined it for all look up scopalamine alkaliods if interested was going to make the opposite races women go sexually nutz opium , cocaine and cannabis all racist motivations for banning it pharmcuetical coke is ok but for public i think leaves should be available and why can;t we go backto the natural pain killers instead of these semi-syntehitic and synthetic altoghther ( i know i messed it up hope it still readable)

  37. This is actually good for the movement…………NO ONE believes this crap!

    Let the haters say all of this kind of crazy crap they want, heck let’s encourage it so the haters can be seen as the crazy nut jobs they really are and the people will be able to see them in their real light.

    The haters will always try to blow smoke up our ass but people in general know better and will side with the truth.

    Bring it on you friggin nut jobs! Prove your ignorance to us all!

  38. Every time I think the opponents of medical marijuana legalization have uttered the dumbest statement imaginable, they prove that stupidity has no limits. If they want to really do something worthwhile, then organize, print shirts, and march against drunk driving, texting and cell phone talking while driving, and clearly horrendous street drugs such as meth, crack and cocaine.
    As many have mentioned, about the only things that are in peril from someone who’s using medical marijuana is a bag of Cheetos or some chocolate chip cookies, but consuming these food items assumes they’ll actually get off the sofa to retrieve them.
    Want to have some fun? Have a contest with your friends to see which one might become annoyed after taking a few hits at home, and then try to annoy them with a few generic insults. You may have to write all of this down beforehand or no one is likely to remember it. And the odds are about a bazillion to none that the only responses will be “so” or “really” and maybe “Dude, I never knew that.” Otherwise, it’ll just be another smile or laugh-fest among friends with No One being violated or injured–ever!

  39. Alcohol IS a date rape drug of sorts but Cannabis Please. These people are so retarded that I find it hard to believe that anyone would be concerned about this.

  40. Nah, Big Pharma is talking to their future customers.
    (Protect your kids from pharmaceuticals, not educated choices.)

  41. Should have imbibed before you posted. (Possibility of death to officials? That’s not very marijuana-friendly of you.)

  42. I wonder who the prohibitionist/obstructionists recruit for their strategy think-tanks. This is pure “Reefer Madness” retold. I think the impact on opinions is nil to negative and on a very narrow target group. Now the whittling away at medical and personal grows is what scares me. Overregulation and obstructionist nit picking are the weapons that can do more harm. When some of our antagonists are acting like clowns our attention should be on those that aren’t. Fear is their weapon of choice, education should be ours. Fear does not always trump logic. Cannabis never should have been banned.
    Great Blog, keep up the good work.

  43. Right. Big Pharma sells their stuff to lots of aging folks in Florida. This rape fear thing is really odd, playing on a phobia that existed among southern ladies a generation back. Pharma seems to be talking to the folks of that generation, which is likely its target drug consumer.

  44. Right, because smoking cannabis fills you full of uncontrollable lust and you just can’t help yourself. You MUST have more Cocoa Puffs with milk, and heaven help anyone who says no.

  45. Well if they can’t scare parents by crying “but what about the children” then I guess rape makes a pretty good plan B. I mean, from a prohibitionist’s point of view, all hysteria is good hysteria right?

  46. Captain Obvious on

    More likely someone will roofy the booze first. However, it is a matter of time before someone roofies a brownie and will try to claim the cannabis did it. This will still be illegal under the plethora of existing rape/violence laws.
    This is another reason for a constitutional amendment to allow home grows. That way we can know what we are getting and avoid toxic roofies from ALL directions.

  47. stellarvoyager on

    How about just saying that rapists will lead to rape, and leave it at that? In other words, any blame for rape lies 100% with the perpetrator, so for these prohibs to try to spin the lie that cannabis will somehow “lead to rape” is disgusting and offensive.

  48. Captain Obvious on

    They are the same puritanical shadowy mob that claimed abstinence works and get upset at the inevitable reality of our biology.

    Florida is the battleground state with lots to loose for big pharma. They wouldn’t want to have to compete in capitalism to make medicine more efficient for the masses.

    “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  49. Wow that is actually sick. Why not put a bottle of whiskey in his pocket. A person has a better chance of being date raped if the rapist is drunk. Yes I guess it’s possible from marijuana. But unlikely. A person going to rape or date rape because they can not because of some marijuana. This vote no on 2 people have seveir issues, and really don’t know shit. Sound like there saying the victim eat a mj edible so she is getting raped. I say this because eating an edible is strong which amplifies the effects of marijuana most people I think would not have the motivation to rape a person. I ask everyone what do you think

  50. The liars and high treasonous traitors will say any thing to keep people in fear
    wonder how many usa hostages of the war against them were raped in their prisons

    I do not like the thought of the loss of any life, and yet i feel that the only way to end the war is the possibility of death to an official after they have gone through court, and found guilty if they are deserving of it due to instilling war against the cannabis community, we have every right to live as the haters do, we have every right to work, have families etc, why are the jobs that pay well, always given to the haters? look on line at the employment opportunities, and you will see that they ask for a sample of urine, if it is a good paying job, when will the hanging of all the criminals who vote away the constitutional rights of the cannabis community begin? Not until trials are held, and convictions are made, no groupo of people has the right to point their evil bent fingers towards the cannabsi community and take away their constiututional rights and say they are goody goody, they are EVIL

    Here is proof that warring on groups of people in this country is illegal, and a high treasonous offense… look at the 3rd paragraph down, second sentence…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_treason

    I did not make it up, so why not enforce the laws against high treason??

    End of war in this country, end of problems then for the cannabis
    community,. and if some lout tries to fire us just because of spitefull
    hate, then they should be brought up on charges of discrimination too!

    Now if you will excuse me, i just bought a gram of shake from lodo med center on wazzee, and about to imbibe;-)

  51. If they cared about the victims of date rape, they’d re-ban alcohol. This is a shot in the dark, albeit a disgusting one. The prohibitionists in Florida are getting desperate, so they’re going to throw anything/everything at the wall to see what sticks.

  52. Honestly they create their own definitiondof impossible ignorance, just be glad you dont live in the same home with people like that, there now did I make your day feel better

  53. That’s just flat out irresponsible. I don’t care if it IS politics. That’s irresponsible for them to be saying. They’ve now DEVOLVED to the point of using Homophobia to defeat this measure. They must be REALLY concerned that it’s going to pass!

  54. LOL how stupid. The cookie will take about an hour to kick in and the only thing that’s going to get raped is a cheeto’s bag.

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