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Anti-Medical Marijuana Propaganda Sent Home With Elementary School Children


Parents in Billings, Montana were surprised this week when some of their children brought home a flier from school warning the community of the “dangers” of the medical marijuana movement.

Headed “Medical Marijuana Crisis,” the bright-yellow sheets of paper call marijuana a gateway drug and urge parents to “take back control” by contacting local officials, attending public meetings or volunteering time. They went home with students at three School District 2 elementary schools despite being rejected by SD2 officials.

“Our community and our children are at risk,” the fliers read in capital letters.

“Billings is now attracting medical marijuana users and providers from other states at an alarming rate,” one bullet point reads.

Another one claims that medical marijuana businesses are popping up all over the city. “You may already have one in your neighborhood,” it says.

The information on the fliers is not credited to any source, and an e-mail address listed at the bottom does not work; however, the wording is identical to the website of a group called Safe Community Safe Kids that is encouraging Montanans to sign a petition to repeal the 2004 Medical Marijuana Act. The website says the group’s mission is to “inform and engage citizens to take action towards preserving the safety and prosperity of our communities and families.”

This is just another example of ignorant people infecting the public with their obtuse claims. As Johnny Green has stated before: it doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or not, propaganda works! But the thing that most upsets me about this is that whoever sent out this flier made sure that their egregious claims were exposed to children! Children should not be expected to be involved or even understand the debate about medical marijuana. How can you even begin to explain it all to a 9 year old who probably doesn’t know what a “gateway drug” is?

I hope the author of this awful flier finds this posting and reads this message: You are the reason for ignorance in this society. You are the reason why so many people have so much trouble getting the treatment they need, and you are the reason we at TWB will not stop spreading the truth!


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Johnny Green


  1. I’m with you Jonathan! SUE the school or whomever allowed this. Everyone of those in charge of allowing this to be distributed, should be held accountable and REQUIRED to learn the truth.
    All the scare tactics in the world will not work, they need educated with the truth!
    Knowledge is power ~ educate yourself (and everyone else)!

  2. Kaleb Hadenfeldt on

    This is so wrong. Infecting the minds of young children with bullshit propaganda like that. I can’t even believe some of the ignorant things I read just like this are real and actually happen. It makes me sick! I just don’t understand how someone can know zero scientific fact about something but spread lies like this…people are so brainwashed. I would be so far up that schools ass if I were a parent.

  3. Jonathan Trantham on

    Some one needs to sue them immediately! If this was my kids school I would not let this go. It seems a giant fine or a flier with the truth on it needs to be issued.

  4. I know it is bad for child to have marijuana on him/her or around him/her. why do you people sell alcohol, tabacco? Alcohol&tabacco is a big killer! there is not one benefit for alcohol or tabacco. look at all the deaths they cause!!! You think no child died from alcohol,tabacco? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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