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Are You Watching ‘Weed Country’ On The Discovery Channel Tonight?


weed country discovery channelBelow is info that I received from Discovery.Com about ‘Weed Country’ that airs in about an hour. Feel free to leave your reviews of the show in the comments!

10 PM E/P Wednesday, Feb. 20 on Discovery Channel (series premiere)

It’s the beginning of the outdoor marijuana growing season and that means the cops will be on the lookout for illegal grows popping up all over the emerald triangle. In the premiere episode of WEED COUNTRY, grower Mike Boutin heads out for his first pot run of the summer and gets dangerously close to getting pulled over with six pounds of marijuana in his truck. But things get really tense when after returning home there is no sign of his wife, Tawni, and his faithful guard dog, Lasik.

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  1. Matt Shotwell is a narcissistic asshole who is only in it for the money. The cops are f*cking delusional with their belief that there is so much harm in marijuana ( when they are nothing more than drug-war profiteers ) Mike Boutin is already asking for it. I believe Shotwell is so nuts that he probably wants to go to jail ( and probably will ) I just hope BE smith gets his harvest in before the Harry Anslinger Army cuts it down.

  2. I watched it, and the grower they showed the most is either paranoid or times have become real bad in the Emerald Triangle. Instead of being written from one point of view, they try to cover too much ground in too short a time. They mention issues and give them a minute or two, that would require a whole hour just devoted to that aspect.

  3. My mistake: The picture that I saw was for the promo “Pot Cops”. That’s a show that the Discovery Channel will show to give “equal time” to “Weed Country”. I apologize for the confusion. Having said that, Discovery Channel is still being very scurrilous to think that cops dsereve some equal time when they have had the monopoly on prohibition to begin with. No more TV shows, just legalize it already!

  4. I’ll stick to Amish Mafia, thank you. I saw a picture preview of the show with the cops with guns smiling as they sit on a bunch of weed. This seems to be another scurrilous show glorifying cops and also glorifying prohibition, I’ll pass.

  5. The trifling girl “I don’t want to use the word woman for her” needs to realize she is only with Mark because he was the #1 retailer… And that mole is only so cute in a regional area! 50 million people just saw you being a gold digging $##&*. I won’t go through this again…. Riding around in a Porche SUV.. and all this blood pumping to my mole is just to much….. FU. You can do better Mark. Even in prison.

  6. Great show. Government is wasting money fighting weed war. It’s less harmless than alcohol and is safer pain medicine than oxycontin. What is going to take to open the eyes of politicians. Doctors KNOW it helps, but their hands are tied. It’s time for the AMA to speak up!!

  7. Notice that some of these people are doing a “DRUG” for a medical reason. If marijuana keeps you alove why is it a drug?

  8. Johnny Bloomington on

    After watching trailers for this show, I have to say that it looks like the same old scripted bull sh1t that discovery has been putting out for years. Just like Swamp People or Ice Road Truckers, its just entertainment for lazy people who can’t manage to get to a computer to look up whats really going on in the world of weed.

  9. johnnygreen

    Did I just see an Oregon reference? Sweet. Wait, Jackson County narcs? Fail. There’s a ton of LEGAL marijuana being grown in Jackson County right now. I hope they show some of it!

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