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Arizer Solo: A Powerful Portable Vaporizer

arizer soloMost vaporists are probably familar with the names V-Tower and Extreme-Q. These vaporizers that are produced by Canadian manufacturer Arizer Tech are known for their quality and value.
However, both of these vapes are electric and require a cable to function. With portability becoming increasingly important for both recreational and medical cannabis users, Arizer Tech recently released their first portable vaporizer, the Arizer Solo.
The Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer powered by a built-in lithium battery that provides juice for up to 3 hours of constant vaporizing. In addition, the temperature can be set to any of the 7 preset temperatures – a great feature as different cannabinoids are released at temperatures that differ. In a hurry? Not a problem, the Solo heats-up in less than 3 minutes!
arizer solo close upWhere other portable vaporizers with a built-in battery can be somewhat bulky and are often aesthetically not very pleasing, the Arizer Solo stands out here. In an upright position it measures about the size of a small can of soda. It has a sturdy and durable feel to it and the unit itself – the glass mouthpiece excluded – looks like it can take a beating. Speaking of the glass mouthpiece (or ‘stem’): I believe the big, tasty hits (the best I’ve experienced from a portable so far) can be attributed to the use of glass on this crucial part. No nasty plastic smells or taste, just pure and thick vapor!
Are there no drawbacks at all ? In my opinion there’s only one small thing that could be improved, and this is the fact that the Solo cannot be used when charging. There’s an AC adapter separately available, but it would be better if it came included.
All in all, I believe the Solo has truly raised the bar for portable vaporizing. Excellent battery life, smooth, thick and tasty vapor and great portability make this vaporizer a true winner.
Mark is an editor at Vaporizer-info.com, the premier destination for unbiased vaporizer reviews and price comparisons

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  1. I already have the Vapir NO2 but the Solo by Arizer definitely works much better. Your herb goes a long way and it is very comfortable to hold.

  2. I just received my Arizer Solo today, I JUST finished the first bowl in it. Oh. My. God. AWESOME!!! I’ve never used a portable vap. before but this one ROCKS.
    It heats up super fast, it’s SO tiny, it’s so simple to use (Charge it up, turn it on, grind some up, pack it up, stick it in, suck! lol)
    Tiny pile of herb the size of a blueberry and it’s more than enough, and I’m used to my Volcano, I’m not a lightweight at all lol.
    The unit seems very sturdy, the glass stem snaps into place securely and will be easy to keep clean, good tasting hits.
    It automatically turns off after 12 minutes (you can turn it right back on if you need.)
    It came with a hand grinder :)
    Made in Canada was a definite selling point. I will be taking this with me everywhere. Wish it came with a case, but I don’t care! :D

  3. Yep, the Arizer Solo is one of the best made portable vaporizers on the market. I understand they had some issues with the bowl flaking when they first launched the Arizer and I have also heard they have fixed that issue. Highly recommend this little vape.

  4. Gotta love how fast the bowl heats up on the Solo. I also dig the length of the charge and the sheer vaporizing power. Good bye butane, hello Arizer Solo :)

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