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Arizona Bill Would Shut Down Dispensaries


Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensariesState Senator Kimberly Yee said she would amend her medical marijuana labeling bill — SB 1440 — so that a first-time violation would result in the permanent closure of legal dispensaries. This is one of many problems with the bill.

This didn’t occur, and the future of medical marijuana is in jeopardy. If you are an Arizona residentplease write your legislators today.

SB 1440 is billed as a way to label medical marijuana edibles so they won’t fall into the hands of children. That’s a great idea, and we support it. However, the rules are vague, and the bill contains a one strike and you’re out clause, which would permanently close a dispensary for even a minor violation.

Arizona voters have said “yes” to medical marijuana three times, but some elected officials ignore the will of the voters and the plight of patients.

It’s clear that the intent of SB 1440 is not to protect children but to shut down licensed dispensaries that provide relief to thousands of Arizonans with serious medical conditions. It’s being pushed by medical marijuana opponents and is a back-door attempt to gut the program.

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  1. vote out of office anyone that goes against the voteing majority that put them in office!

  2. Exactly, it’s like these government people don’t realize that the same people who they’re fucking are the same people from whom they’re gonna ask for votes…hello

  3. Though in principle I do not agree with limiting the will of the voters as this bill clearly does. However I do want ALL patients to keep cultivation rights not just because the prices at dispensaries are astronomical but also because most of the product out there is sub par and LOADED with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. No real organic certification set up for commercially available marijuana, but growing your own keeps those organic practices in mind. Like most “freedoms” in this country this medical marijuana law dangles true freedom in front of you while placing filters and screens in your way so you never really reach true freedom, only the freedom they allow you to have. End the 25 mile rule and my judgement of this bill changes.

  4. Liberate.Cannabis on

    The only positive to this would be patients and caregivers would be more likely legally approved to cultivate, if the dispensaries are shut down, which would result in more affordable medicine for patients. Right now the legal dispensaries are charging on average 100 dollars more per ounce than caregivers for the same medicine. If the current trend continues and within the next year all the dispensaries are established and close to no one will be allowed to cultivate, this medicine will be out of reach for many people in the state, who are legally entitles to 5 ounces a month, but don’t have enough money to purchase $375 ounces. Us patients in AZ need a new law, that provides options and affordable access.

  5. is this another bill by yee!! she just took one off I think just last week!! I think we need to pull her and every single other elected person off their position in our leadership!! Who refuses to do the voter ‘s WILL ! THere are so many who do not and have never used Cannabis support us in our right to use a PLANT however we choose to it is absurd !! And these bullys insist on pushing their will on the rest of us!! It is time for Revolution!!

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