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Arizona Court Of Appeals – Medical Marijuana Use On Probation OK


Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensariesA person on probation can use medical marijuana according to the Arizona Court of Appeals. The Court reasoned that a judge can prohibit marijuana consumption in general in the terms of probation for an individual. However, when the person on probation is a medical marijuana patient, the judge’s authority is superseded by Arizona’s medical marijuana law which exempts use of medical marijuana from criminal laws.

Per The Republic:

A new court ruling says Arizona judges can’t order people on probation to not use medical marijuana.

A split ruling issued Friday by a three-judge state Court of Appeals panel in Tucson overturns a Cochise County Superior Court judge’s order that a drug-case probationer not use medical marijuana.

This is good news for Arizona, specifically those that are on probation. Just because someone is on probation doesn’t mean that medical marijuana doesn’t still treat their ailments. I hope this is something that all states eventually adopt. If/when that happens, I’ll make sure to post an article about it.


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  1. I was put on probation back in summer of 2010 but I had my state issued med card so I requested to still be able to use my medicine while on supervised probation,the judge requested my medical reason for my use of marijuana and after reviewing I was approved and was told I was the first to be allowed.

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