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Arizona Governor Signs Law Allowing Marijuana Research On College Campuses


medical marijuana research arizona college campusesGovernor Jan Brewer officially signed legislation in Arizona, approving it into law, which would allow colleges in the state to conduct marijuana research. The state’s House and Senate approved the measure last month.

The bill would remove a provision that was placed in a piece of 2012 legislation which banned all marijuana from college campuses, even if the marijuana was possessed or consumed by a qualifying patient in the state, or was being used for scientific research.

The measure’s importance is exemplified by the fact that physician Sue Sisley of the University of Arizona received federal approval in 2011 to study the effects of marijuana on PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) – she was never able to conduct the research, given the before-mentioned ban of marijuana at colleges.

Not only is this a victory for researchers in Arizona, it’s a victory for advocates across the world, as the more marijuana research being conducted, the better.

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  1. It is fantastic. Unfortunately,research on medical marijuana has been happening on the Arizona university campuses.The Results, makes you less suitable, lazy, hungry and potential graduate hinders.

  2. Don’t let this fool ya! We’ve STILL got plenty of idiotic shit going on at the State Capitol… More than one would like

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