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Arizona Lawmaker: Remove Felony Charge For Simple Marijuana Possession


arizona house bill 2474 marijuana possessionIn a perfect world, no one would get arrested for marijuana, or even get a fine for that matter. Possessing and consuming marijuana is a harmless act that shouldn’t bother anyone, especially law enforcement. Consuming marijuana does not increase violent tendencies in people, and I’ve never heard of anyone stealing scrap metal to feed their marijuana habit.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, marijuana possession can carry hefty penalties, far beyond what is appropriate for the act. For instance, in Arizona possession of up to two pounds of marijuana is a class six felony, punishable by up to two years in prison and a $750 fine. And that’s for no intent to distribute! Get caught with a quarter pound of bammer, which is a common thing in Arizona, and you will have your life ripped apart.

At least one lawmaker in Arizona wants to change that.  Arizona Representative Mark A. Cardenas, D-Phoenix, has introduced House Bill 2474 which would treat possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana without intent to distribute as a civil penalty of no more than a $100 fine. Possession of more than one ounce, but less than 2 pounds, of marijuana without intent to distribute would be a petty offense, while possession of greater amounts would be a misdemeanor. There would be no felony penalty for possession only according to the bill.

“I don’t believe they should go away to prison and face hefty fines and possibly have their civil rights taken away,” said Rep. Mark A. Cardenas, D-Phoenix, according to The Bugle. “We shouldn’t have people that are being sentenced to long prison terms for simple possession of marijuana.”


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  1. By making all drugs illegal we force people to go to an underground market to obtain them. By far the most popular of the illegal drugs is marijuana and most would not go out of the way to get the others but they might be tempted because the drug dealers make any number of other drugs available. This easy availability extends to our children who are at higher risk of having problems with drugs.

    In Colorado marijuana retailers do ask for ID’s to keep it out of the hands of kids and they do not sell other drugs. If we did nothing more than to prevent the easy availability of other drugs and impulse buying to those who choose to use marijuana it is likely that we would see a drop in the use of the other more dangerous and addictive drugs. Less drug dealers and more legitamate marijuana retailers will mean more difficult access for children. It really is time to legalize marijuana and to regulate it like alcohol to keep this business out of the most violent criminals in this hemisphere and to keep drugs out of the hands of our kids. A recent poll in Colorado shows more support for marijuana legalization at the current time than it did one year ago. The people there appear convinced that they have made the right decision. I agree.

  2. Do not be paranoid, my friend. Just put the joint down, drink some water, and wait a little bit. You’ll be just fine in no time at all.

    From, The Weed God

  3. They need to change that whole 30 days DUI medical scam they got going before i believe they want us to legally possess it. oh and well, there is that little let us grow factor…. but baby steps, i get it!

  4. OMG! there she is again! That picture! Nobody enjoys smoke in the eye! it’s a freakin conspiracy against me! They knew i’d read an AZ story!

  5. This is supposed to be from a Grand Platinum strain. Doesn’t look like much, but the Grand Platinum I was once able to purchase from my local dispensary really kicked ass. Unfortunately, it has disappeared, into the sun…
    If anyone has information on the disappearance of this awesome strain, please reply below. (No scammers, please.)

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