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Arizona Legalizes Medical Marijuana


It doesn’t get much more awesome than this:

It is with great excitement that I announce that Prop 203 has won! We are now 4421 votes ahead and that lead is expected to grow as the last few thousand votes are counted next week. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act will be certified on November 29th and the Department of Health will have 120 days to put together the application process for this program.

Thank you all for your hard work and donations! Thank you for your letters, emails, and support – We could not have done this without each and every one of you.

We have more work to do in the coming months, we must stand up for patients! We must fight for those who will benefit from this valuable herb. We all must fight for freedom and liberty to use the medications, herbs, and supplements that benefit us all.

Have a great night!

Jon Gettel

Dear Johnny Green:

Monumental news – we’ve won!

Although there are still about 10,000 votes left to be counted, our lead of more than 4,000 votes makes us 100 percent confident in announcing…

Arizona is now the 15th medical marijuana state!

This fall, more than 1.7 million Arizona voters mailed in ballots and turned out to support Proposition 203, a ballot initiative that would end the arrest and imprisonment of patients for following their doctor’s advice. While it seemed as if the initiative had fallen short on election night, it garnered enough support from late mail-in votes and provisional ballots to produce a victory! This is a historic day for Arizonans, who have made a significant contribution toward ending marijuana prohibition in this country.

But this is also a time to give thanks to the people outside of Arizona who made this victory possible. Only through the generous donations of our members was MPP able put over half-a-million dollars worth of resources into helping Prop. 203 succeed.

People across the country gave money to support an initiative that may never directly affect them because they know that attacking marijuana prohibition on every front is crucial to the long-term success of our movement. Thanks to those donors, MPP was able to do things like draft the initiative, pay for the signature drive to place Prop. 203 on the ballot, put consultants on the ground, and much, much more!

While great news, this isn’t unexpected. MPP has been primarily responsible – through lobbying and ballot initiatives – for enacting five out of the last seven state medical marijuana laws!

Arizona is not the finish line in the race to end marijuana prohibition but a milestone toward it. Of MPP’s 31,000 members, only 5,829 have donated this year. Please, if you have not yet given to MPP this year, consider donating today so that we can continue our work to end marijuana prohibition. Today Arizona, tomorrow the nation.


Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.


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  1. Our MMJ laws have been struck down, changed and neutered before, but then we voted in the voter protection act and now they can’t change it or stop it. lol.
    the health dept is trying to make it as restrictive as possible though. they’ll get sued.

  2. Jct: After U. of Saskatchewan found marijuana is good for Alzheimer’s because it regrows brain cells, I called the Californians who rejected more brains cells the “Alzheimer Generation.” I guess it doesn’t apply everywhere.

  3. lets hope the will of [we the people] is respected with reference to cannabis legalization in arizona! free america again . the drug war has trampled our constitution and the bill of rights in particular. no freedom in the USA anymore! two wars,economy in shambles, and the cops and drug task forces are worried about a god given herb.

  4. Wow… I just read what the AZ medical marijuana allows, and what it restricts, and I’m very glad I don’t live in Arizona. The AZ mmj law is a mess, and in my opinion is very restrictive.

    It’s super fantastic that some progress has (probably) been made, and I hope that this encourages every AZ mmj activist to work harder and keep up the fight, because much more progress is needed. It would be truly disappointing if everyone became complacent and settled for this pittance.

    Having said that…

    Yay Arizona! Congratulations! :)

  5. Jumping to conclusion, aren’t we? The simple truth is that Arizona has passed this law twice before, and they were shot down afterwards by some technicality and sympathetic judges. With the Neo-facists running this state, they will do everything in their power (legal or illegal) to stop this. It’s our history.

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