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Arizona Marijuana Quality Will Improve Soon


Yesterday I wrote an article about brick weed, and does anyone smoke it anymore? From e-mails, comments, tweets, etc, it sounds like people in Arizona still consume it quite a bit. Most of the people I talked to say that it is widely available and extremely cheap, so that’s why they always smoke it. On the flip side, almost every person also expressed a deep regret that they do so. If chronic was widely available, and the price much lower, I assume that they would gladly make the switch to an all chronic diet.

Well I have great news for you Arizona, change is on the way! As announced on TWB, Arizona voters approved medical marijuana this month. The implementation process is still commencing, but when the dust settles, prescriptions will start to roll out. As more and more people get approved, things on the Arizona marijuana scene will change dramatically. Marijuana quality will improve, and prices will plummet.

Improved quality and availability has occurred in every other medical marijuana state after the approval and implementation of the program. Take for instance Montana. My friend moved there about three years ago, and when he first arrived in Missoula, Montana, ounces of mediocre, outdoor, turkey bag weed were scarce and sold for about $350. The last time he came to visit this last summer (2010), I was very impressed with the quality of nugs he had. It was comparable to most of the stuff I see here in Oregon, and he assured me that it was EVERYWHERE in Montana now.

It’s a pretty straight forward process; as more growers are approved in the state, there will be much more plants being grown. More growers also results in more collaboration and sharing of knowledge, which results in higher quality. As the program continues to grow, you start seeing educational non-profits starting up (as well as for profits), which bring a larger variety of strains into the area. Eventually, Arizona will resemble Oregon, California, Washington, Montana, Colorado, etc, in that there will be more marijuana around than there are consumers, and the laws of economics will take over. Prices will plummet as a result, and a chronnoisseur buffet will commence. What a great time to be a citizen of Arizona!!!


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  1. Wow!! It will definitely boost our businesses. For high quality marijuana seeds and recipes log on to fhwcc.org.

  2. That’s what everyone said in Michigan and then prices dropped by half and quantity around the area tripled within one year of the doctors flooding in from other states starting clinics. The same will happen in Arizona

  3. yeah rite brian only dumb poeple buy from dispensrys. i got 20 dollar 8s all day not at dispesanries. southern calis finest

  4. Steep or not people would still gladly pay it, as long as quality is there. Having just left there and bought only brick blood weed as I like to call it, quality weed was bought whenever it came across (kind of like watching a comet, you can’t make it happen but you won’t miss the opportunity to see it).

    I’m fortunate enough to have just made my way back to the Northwest and I’m please to report it has lived up to the hype. I pay 80 for a quarter that lasts me 2 weeks (being I’m old and have to give up on my Bob Marley days), the last eighth of kind I bought in AZ was some sticky diesel that lasted me a month for 300 dollars (there was no profit to be made in that).

    I’m sure the prices won’t be as steep as when I paid for that diesel but it will still be worth it, if your a lover of kind bud.

  5. You are incorrect about prices plummeting. Arizona will not be as loose as California, as a former Club Card member in Cali the prices for high end herbals through the club was still steep

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