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Arizona: Medical Marijuana Activists Score A Big Victory By Getting Harmful Bill Withdrawn


arizona marijuanaYesterday I saw something really cool happen on social media. Early in the day I saw an action alert go out from Arizona in which it was requested that patients and supporters call State Representative Jay Lawrence (R-Fountain Hills) to tell him that HCR 2019 was harmful, and to withdraw it. Then later in the day I saw alerts go out that the bill had been withdrawn. Fantastic! Per the Phoenix New Times:

State Representative Jay Lawrence (R-Fountain Hills) has withdrawn his bill that could have destroyed Arizona’s medical-marijuana program.

Lawrence’s bill, HCR 2019, would have stripped naturopaths and homeopaths of the right to recommend medical marijuana, even though those doctors write nearly 90 percent of the recommendations. His plan also called for patients to renew their cards every six months instead of every year, paying double the annual fees.

“We received so many calls,” he tells New Times. “I had heard anecdotally that [the cards]are handed out wildly. I learned from the callers that there is a lot more care taken by naturopaths than I had originally been told.”

Yet another example of the power of activism, and of personal testimonies. When elected officials hear from constituents, and can put a voice or a face to a story, powerful things are possible. Kudos to everyone that contacted Representative Lawrence. The ability of the cannabis movement to organize and mobilize these days is truly impressive, and it warms my heart to see when it’s used effectively!


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  1. READ READ!!!! our Legislative is tryng to pass a bill called HCR 2043 here is a link http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/52leg/2r/bills/hcr2043p.pdf this bill if passed would allow them to over turn the recreational bill that will soon be on our ballot so please contact your legislatures in your appointed district and this could also cause the med marijuana to also be over turned so please pass the word on this is very important

  2. The problem with politicians is that they only “hear” from the complainers or the haters if you will.

    If the only thing a politician hears is the negative crap from haters they have to assume they are they MAJORITY of their constituents voices.

    Only when they hear from BOTH sides can they make any kind of informed decision.

    In this case he only heard from the haters until the patients started lighting up the phone lines. Had patients contacted him like this wave PRIOR to the bill being presented, the Senator would have dropped it.

    It is so very important to contact your Senators regularly with testimonies and truthful cannabis information.

    They WILL react to their constituents IF HEARD FROM.

    We can no longer be “the silent majority”.

  3. I’m glad that he planned this bill limiting access and double charging patients based on “some anecdotal evidence.” He couldn’t bother looking into it any further than that? Just immediate laws to stop a problem they *think* is there?

    Like, his supporting evidence had to be pretty flimsy if it just took calls from patients explaining it to get him to change his mind.

  4. Also, please sign the petition to remove MJ from Schedule I on the White House petition page at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-marijuana-schedule-i-controlled-substances-act-allow-its-medical-use . The WH will publicly respond to any petition that garners 100K signatures in 90 days. This poor little petition, the only active one I could find there about cannabis/marijuana, has only 609 signatures. It has until Feb 14th to reach 100K signers.

  5. Unfortunately, their staffers get them first and determine if the make the cut allowing the actual representative to see them..

  6. Way to go Az. !!! We who are pro cannabis need to hear victories like this. Soon, my brothers and sisters in cannabis, we will be free from 80 years of oppression and false propaganda. It can’t come to soon. Don’t mean to sound like a preacher, but the shear hypocrisy of this issue drives me slightly insane.

  7. I’d like to make one more point. No matter what anyone thinks about any other part of the Marijuana issue, NOBODY should be standing against Cancer Patients or between Cancer Patients and their Oncologists or against Children dying of Seizures or their parents..

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    Or possibly a rally at every state capital, or every courthouse, those dens of injustice that enforce bogus laws, instead of striking them down. Children denied potentially life saving CBD cannabis, that doesn’t even get you high? Not a problem say the degenerate scumbag courts!

  9. Right, bringing race into it makes no sense. Ending prohibition is bi-partisain and race irrelevant.

  10. saynotohypocrisy on

    What does marijuana legalization have to do with blacks or whites grouping together? Support and opposition both cut across color lines.

  11. We need a big, well coordinated march on DC. I would travel out of state for it! But it has nothing to do with race.

  12. The number for the White House Comment line is (202) 456-1111. You can also email the President by going to whitehouse.gov and clicking on “contact us.” Of all the oral/written methods of bringing an issue to the attention of the white house or congress (short of picketing, marches, and/or press coverage) the best of is “snail mail”, which works even better if the letter is hand written and you’ve got really nice penmanship. Politicians absolutely LOVE hand written letters. :-)

  13. And I say it’s time for the Million Man Marijuana March on Wash. D.C. Oh, that’s right, white people can’t group together like minorities. Affirmative Action, anyone?

  14. I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again. Everyone who’s working for reform — or better, REPEAL — of Marijuana laws — is a HERO — Especially to Cancer Patients.

  15. Dmitry Kannabiz on

    Great news! Way to go Arizona! Will post the translation on the Russian-language version of my site http://reviews.kanna.biz today This news is one more proof that we owe the landslide cannabis reform to the greatest invention of the XX century – the Internet!

  16. I bet Jay Lawrence is PISSED! He took at face value, what people like Bill Montgomery, John Kavanagh and Sheila Polk were telling him about our program. He got a RUDE awakening, when his constituents hit the roof didn’t he?

  17. This is good news; Now imagine if everyone who cares about Medical Marijuana was to do the same thing with respect to the White House comment line and the issue of national legalization of Medical Marijuana.

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