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Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Sales Top $40 Million In 2013


Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensariesIt appears to be boom times in Arizona for medical marijuana sales. According to an article I was sent, medical marijuana sales topped forty million dollars this year. 2014 looks to be even brighter. Below is the article sent to me by my friends at azmarijuana.com:

A 2013 report by the Arizona Department of Health Services has revealed that over the past 12 months Arizona dispensaries have sold approximately $40 million in marijuana (including edibles). This figure ranks Arizona in the top five largest medical marijuana markets in the United States when based on annual revenues.

Currently there are 77 dispensaries operating in Arizona. That amounts to just over $500,000 in sales perdispensary; however, many of those 77 dispensaries opened in recent months.  So in reality, a few Arizona dispensaries made millions, while the others just opened and might have made a few hundred thousand.

With so many dispensaries now in operation, the annual sales of marijuana are expected to increase significantly in 2014.

Do you qualify for medical marijuana in Arizona? If so, find an Arizona marijuana doctor here.


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  1. I said middle of damn nowhere (Border-Patrolville) southern AZ. My girl saw nice clones @ 420 farmers market in Dec and if you look on Leafly it’ll say who has it

  2. I’m a mom with kids and no dads around to take care so i couldn’t go to prison until now that they are grown thanx

  3. That disp is located in the middle of nowhere 90 miles from me but they deliver since we don’t have one open (Thanks forefathers). a gram is the smallest and that is usually 20 bucks so you can see why i would gamble on 7 g for 100 once in a while looking for a treat. Sometimes i get it sometimes not so much. Yes they charge standard county tax i guess but i have no idea what Phx or Tuc disp may be able to add on. Todays tax on my GSC was 7.77.

  4. Hello my friend! The 25 air mile rule is very freaky. OUCH. $6.50 on $100 sounds like regular sales tax of 6.5%. That would mean the State coffers received about 2.6 million. That ought to be enough to justify the program, I hope.

    Here we pay sales tax by county/municipality and the tax on MedCan is around 7% plus or minus, depending on exactly where the store is located. Our black market prices are nearly the same as the dispensaries, maybe a little lower depending on the quality, but I’ll pay more for stuff that’s been tested if I can’t grow my own. What’s the smallest quantity you can purchase at dispensaries in AZ? Having to spend $100 for a quarter and not be satisfied just plain sucks. Thank god we have some dispensaries that would never make you live with a purchase you weren’t pleased with. The black market, not so much.

  5. Crazy, Poor and Stuck in “Hazard County” hahaha i’m jealous! Let us grow! And let those who can’t grow Afford it!

  6. Jamie that is simply stupid. I came Az and I am so glad that I dont have to deal with the prices for medicine!!! In Oregon (which I call home now) I pay NO taxes and its ranges from $8 to $12 a gram but where I go has specials so I can get almost 8grams for like $50 and where I go is top notch, they have never gave me anything unworthy of smoking…lol.
    But yes they are making a killing there.

  7. Too Much!!! The prices suck for us that are sick, hurting, and/or crazy with medical bills already. The 2 week allowance is 2.5 oz but that would cost a person $1000 give or take…who has that much money? If prices were decent people wouldn’t make street purchases & the black market would dry up and then they could really bring in customers. I would purchase more often with larger amounts if i could close to afford it. I try to grow my own still but that proves to be difficult when locked up indoors in AZ heat. wish we could grow outside where Mother Nature works best. when/if my local disp ever opens i will have to stop growing because of the stupid 25 air mile rule but yet i will have to drive 30 to get there. The last 1/4 i got for 100 (that i was so unhappy with) had $6.50ish tax on it…what if i’d have bought my limit? They are RAKING IT IN as we speak.

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