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Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Thriving


Arizona medical Marijuana dispensarySince August 2012, Arizona has seen 98 registration certificates awarded for those wanting to open medical marijuana dispensaries. Last December saw the opening of the first dispensary, Organix of Clark County, in Arizona, and 16 were reportedly open in late April 2013. However, Arizona state government has not been the industry’s biggest supporter.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Rep. John Kavanagh of Fountain Hills, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery have all done their part to derail progress for medical marijuana, and you can find those details here. Luckily, the courts have supported the will of the voters against challenges to the program. The Arizona Department of Health Services is still issuing ID cards for medical marijuana patients, and the list of approved dispensaries continues to grow.

New dispensaries are still burdened by heavy restrictions and regulations, but access to medical marijuana for patients has never been better. In fact, the Arizona Health Department reports that “47 dispensaries have been inspected and approved to operate, and 35 of those are open and operating throughout the state. Approximately 90% of all Arizonans now live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary.” Arizona’s medical marijuana industry, despite troubles from the government, continues to prosper and works to improve access to all patients in need.

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  1. Brian Vande-Stouwe on

    We are getting robbed by a designed monopoly. The 25 mile rule takes the compassion out of the equation and makes medication unavailable to the patients that need it the most (traditionally the sicker the patient the less money they have). Why are we the ONLY state with dispensaries that doesn’t let patients grow their own meds? Why do we HAVE to pay higher than black market prices? Why are they trying to keep medication from those who need it most? This isn’t right, Stop the 25 Mile Rule now. This is not helping those the proposition was designed to help. When you take out the caregivers and patient growers, you take ALL of the compassion out of the equation. We were trying to help the sick, but I guess the dispensaries will still make their money.

  2. This program is thriving in SPITE of the Government… However, they’ve STILL got an Appeal into the AZ SUPREME COURT! From past history I don’t believe they’ll side with Tom Horne (y), Bill Montgomery as well as Carolyn Short (Keep AZ Drug Free). They’re really trying to peddle their INFLUENCE on this one! Even if they DO SUCCEED, they’ll NEVER shut it down… We’ve already networked etc… But the SCOAZ won’t overturn the law

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