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Arizona Organix Gets First Medical Marijuana Dispensary License In Arizona


arizona organix medical marijuana safe accessFirst Safe Access Point In Arizona Gets It’s License

It’s official – the first medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona has received it’s license. Arizona Organix at 5301 West Glendale Avenue in Glendale, Arizona passed an inspection by the Department of Health Services yesterday.

“It’s good that they’re so thorough. It gets the right people in the business, and keeps the wrong people out,” said Ben Myer, Director of Arizona Organix according to AZFamily.Com.

But before people start driving to Glendale Avenue in packs and droves, realize that just because the dispensary has their license doesn’t mean they are reading to start dispensing medicine. “Ryan Wells, the director of Arizona Organix, says he and two other owners of the business are still trying to figure out when to begin retail operations.” According to the Phoenix New Times. The article went on to say, “Arizona Organix has found it difficult to nail down an off-site location due to the fears of landlords and the threat of federal action, Wells says, but the company is close to signing a deal to rent space for the growing facility.”

The next dispensary location to be inspected will be in Tucson (on Tuesday).


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  1. Wow what a perfectly shitty location for the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state, let alone Maricopa county. Conveniently located to take out 75% of the residence that reside in Maricopa county from growing do to the dictator 25 mile rule. Enjoy ripping off your sick patients, charging ridiculous “donation” amount for bunk spider-mite/powdery mildew infested flowers all of course supposedly grown locally. Since concentrate’s of all kind’s, edibles and everything else is still grey listed in this state and the medical marijuana cards offer us no real protection from anything as it states on the card I don’t imagine it will be long until we have patients in prison or in jail for legally obtaining meds from this “qualified” location. Marijuana being a scheduled 1 controlled substance means; it has NO MEDICINAL VALUE, the AZMMJ Program is an OXYMORON.


    Another cheated, ripped off, and fucked over Arizona citizen.

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