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Arizona Proposal To Legalize Cannabis Announced


arizona marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Arizona’s Assistant House Minority Leader Ruben Gallego has announced that he will soon introduce legislation to explicitly legalize cannabis for those 21 and older.Under his proposed law, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, and the private cultivation of up to 5 plants, would no longer be illegal, and state-licensed retail outlets would be authorized. According to recent polling, this move is supported by 56% of those in the state.

“The issue of marijuana regulation is pragmatic,” says Gallego. “Regulating marijuana takes sales off the street and puts them in a controlled environment. Ultimately, this will help law enforcement, especially in times when resources are limited.”

He continues; “About 750,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana-related offenses in 2012, and the majority of those arrests were simply for possession. Law enforcement officers’ time and resources would be better spent addressing serious crimes, so that we are all safer. Additionally, we can use some of the money generated from the sales to pay for public education and treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse.”

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  1. Boy was it hard to find this post! I wanted to say thank you for the hook up on farmers market! what an awesome thing! thank you thank you THANK YOU went on saturday definitely going back

  2. PhilipMorris Owens many thousands of acres In northern California when they tried to get legal a few years ago … big surprise who really runs this country corporate America if it gets fully legal big tobacco will take over and fill it full of chemicals and Put the small growers out of business and make it illegal For them to grow quality meds And Cram there garbage down or lungs

  3. Shut the fuck up all of you
    Unless you have positive shit to say
    You ALL clearly need to smoke and chill the fuck out.
    Weed = Peace & don’t you fuckers dare ruin it.
    Legalize it or not I’m still gonna cheif.
    *sparks blunt*
    I’m out bitches.
    Who’s with me

  4. C’mon now, Ms. Brown (hey, that rhymes!), you know we want everyone to have as many options as possible to legally obtain their cannabis. And in whatever forms they feel are best for them. As Tangina in the movie Poltergeist famously said, “All are welcome! All welcome! Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.”

  5. Church-folk rule AZ i know. Thanks for the try…i bet a few jaws dropped at the mere thought “GASP!”

  6. Debbie Lee Brown on

    I understand you perfectly, you want to keep your job at the dispensary. Plain and simple!!

  7. Debbie Lee Brown on

    Oh I see, your a dispensary worker. You mean the very same dispensaries that have been fighting the right to grow your own from the very start??? So then you are afraid of losing your job, not your medicine, doesn’t that sound a bit selfish to you??? As with other markets that have gone to legal age limits, our history shows that when something legal has an age limit put on it that it becomes much more difficult for underage people to purchase. Anyone growing their own, and obeying the law,(which MOST do), will not sell to anyone underage. Any retail selling low quality “saw-dust” won’t stay open for business long. This is a plant with great medical benefits, but that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t enjoy some of the other non-medical benefits at the same time. Why does this have to be a fight between medical use and recreational use?? In addition, we have accurate testing that can give you the percentages of THC and CBD’s. To assume that the entire medical market will disappear in favor of recreational use, is a huge assumption, and one I won’t make. I believe that we will see both, cheaper, lower quality for those who wish it, and more expensive medical grade for those who need it. The very same way you have beer and than you have top-shelf Scotch. The right to grow here is very important to patients like me. I suffer a few side effects from varying strains. I can NOT afford to gamble and spend money on a strain I’m not familiar with, only to find out I can’t use it because it induces a mirgraine or increases my anxiety. I also think that you are missing a huge benefit that occurs from moderate daily use and the prevention of long-term, dibilatating diseases. Why should someone have to wait to be chronically ill, before beginning prevention?? Sorry, but that just makes no sense to me, but then neither does you point of view!!!

  8. Debbie Lee Brown on

    LOL, Jamie, we tried, and were told that it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. We put in a request for a exhibit at the last state and county fairs…….at least we gave it a shot.

  9. Debbie Lee Brown on

    There is a growers market, it is ran by the 420 group. It takes place the first and third Saturday of every month here in Phoenix. I haven’t been in a while, but the last time I went they had everything from edibles to clones. Prices varied by the table and the strain. If you need more information try googling AZ medical marijuana farmers market.

  10. Your words of blue ribbon bud at the county fair, with a little bit of help from my imagination, just gave me goosebumps. :)

  11. Arizona needs this. The medical program keeps getting assaulted by the Maricopa county attourney who apparently either hates anyone who uses Cannabis or he’s in love with the cartels. This would be good to make him go away or at least quiet down some. Medical users in the state are virtualy unable to grow now that dispensaries are open. We need legalization in all states. Because until we have it we are going to have to deal with ignorance and corruption!

  12. Free ad time here…I’m not in Cali but from what I’ve read and seen and heard Harborside has a great working program for top-shelf medicine choices and street quality grass for those who want it and they buy it from growers who grow well and have expenses. In AZ we have to give or donate our excess crap or quality away for nothing to stay under “limitations”. The government could learn something from them if they’d stop messing with them long enough to see the system works. Spread the real love for the plant around and yes STOP the alcohol and scripts that ruin lives daily

  13. I pray for the day that dank homegrown tops 6 & 10 inches long all covered with frosty medicine are laying with blue ribbons at a COUNTY fair exhibit with the pies and jellies and pumpkins! Discrimination sucks

  14. I understand what your saying and its unfortunate that they try to pass other bills under our noses while telling us just the bare minimun. I hope all people are staying informed and as long as we pay attention and dont pass or fight the bills that arnt in our favor we can control how this goes. But prolonging the start of legalization isnt the key. Fight for your independent rights as a medical patient and and others will fight for they’re rights to recreational. All thats important is that we ARE fighting.

  15. I completely understand… I use dispensarys as a last resort or when Im in and out if the hospitals, other than that i track down seeds from other states online and try to keep 2 plants of heavy indica on me. I hope AZ doesnt include all dispensary areas as non grow zones like WA and soon to be colorado. Makes no damn sense to tell people they cant put a seed into the ground and water it…I just want dispensarys for those who need it and the right to grow for those that cant afford to pay for an eighth every few days. As soon as its legalized everywhere we can Move the hell on to more important things!

  16. When any product becomes legal, it is harder to get for people under a certain age. No one is talking about giving weed to everyone, and the population of cannabis lovers is about the same size as the population of people who drink alcohol.

    Alcohol is made from an extraction process also, I’m assuming with hops and grains. And alcohol is used for many other things, like an antiseptic. It is used in mouthwash and was previously used as an analgesic, but we’ve come up with many better alternatives for analgesics, so it is not used that much anymore (except for people who self-medicate).

    You assume that cannabis is the best medical plant on Earth, and it may prove to be, but right now it is just another alternative to the drugs we already have. Just because I prefer marijuana, doesn’t mean that other pain patients should all switch to marijuana. For the treatment of pain, marijuana can replace or be an adjunct for other drugs, including prescriptions.

  17. Dude i live in the middle of no where in a town run by Mormons that i have called Hazard County for YEARS. My closest dispensary is more than 60 miles away. Nobody in AZ wants to offer up clones because they know our right to grow is dwindling as dispensaries open and right to grow radius of 25 air miles is disappearing as they planned. Luckily in my closest town they are procrastinating the building with permits and whatnot so it may never open if the founding fathers get their way. If it opens my air miles will be 22 but my drive will be 30 so that just makes no sense. We are farmers and gardeners in my community. Cotton is king here. We want our Right to grow anything we want to and weed is the ONLY thing we can’t. We can grow our own tobacco or chamomile or basil or cotton but not our medicine of choice. Those that can’t grow however do need quality medicine at AFFORDABLE prices… 100 a quarter get real! We who use Marijuana medically already have issues with pain and anxieties and few of us seem to have enough money to provide the meds we need to combat our sicknesses which make us able to perform and make more money. Its perpetual bullshit quite frankly. let us grow

  18. Not a retail store? What do you consider Walgreens and CVS? Heck, these guys even take EBT (food stamp cards). If that isn’t retail, I don’t know what is. And I don’t think anyone is talking about tomatoes and pot in the same store (but since I love both, I wouldn’t mind), but a grower’s market would be nice.

  19. I am mostly looking for a great sativa and I am surrounded by indicas. Where are all the sativas?

  20. I am a medical patient and I use only indicas. My dispensary actually has more indicas on shelf than sativas so im very unsure of your referance; location difference obviously. If you are not getting the right Strands of medicine maybe you need to find a new dispensary that better suits yor needs. Legalizing it really has nothing to do with the availability if plants in your state. Find starters if something you like or Move if you feel like your options are hindered.

  21. bought motherfucken time! yes we can for 2014! let’s get this shit up and rollen in Montana.

  22. Hence the comment Those that can grow should and those that can’t NEED OPTIONS. I don’t want a walmart mentality for my medicine either as i too am a medical user and quite frankly dispensaries cater to the sativa crowd with great deals and choices, but overall nobody but me can match my indica needs. All users need levels of options and quality and an educated person behind the counter that isn’t just trying to sell something so&so named something cool this week. I want my right to grow something God put here BEFORE mankind ever knew how to use it medicinally or otherwise. Freedom in America Huh?

  23. Also- i should point out my rant is really navigated around events happening in Washington. I hope its legalized in AZ, I just don’t want the same tricks to be pulled after legalizing it; as they are doing in WA.

  24. You misunderstood me, I simply want segregation between someone shopping for tomatoes, and someone shopping for Chemotherapy. I believe there is a difference and since im shopping for more than fruit at a convenience store, i would like professional options. Not a retail store. Feel free to get your tomatoes and weed on the same shelf. As long as it isn’t my only option for medicine. Im all for it.

  25. I have a problem with the politics behind the bills; Not the rights to smoke weed! I am in no way FOR marijuana prohibition. Im sorry you felt that me fighting for medical rights against a federal government; that has held the plant illegal for years, lied to millions about the drug now want to legalize it MAINLY for tax reasons, is standing in the way of your liberty. I simply want to reform the parts of these bills that are blind to Smokers who are not in it for medical reasons. I never asked for anyone to justify why they use it. Physically, emotionally and medically was meant as a reason to smoke; whatever that may be. Im just not on the same level as those who are pushing a bill that will harm millions of medical patients. And no i dont need to do nay more research, i would suggest some of your own.

  26. I guess i dont see how giving everyone weed will in ANY way make it harder to get. Im not against what your saying, i just seriously cant understand how the believe that Pot everywhere= Harder to get. Weed inst alcohol. They dont and CANT treat Cancer, Leukemia, Aids, Blood deficiency’s, Seizure, Epilepsy, Diabetes……..etc etc with alcohol. And it shouldn’t be held in the same category.
    Most advanced Medical Plant on earth- Helps million
    Alcohol prescription drugs- kill millions.
    Same thing?

  27. Hm… In efforts to keep my response short and tight i guess i left out some details of why i feel this way. First of all; ALL of you took my comment of MY Medicine as me stating its all mine and you cant have it, IT’s my medicine just like its any one else’s. I refer to MY as stating Im an American who actually uses the medicine; not a bunch of cash-ass stuffed politicians who have no idea what they are doing with the marijuana industry, other than how much they can squeeze out of it. You really think its being legalized for YOUR benefit? And once again you misunderstand me, I am not against legalization, IM AGAINST THEM ‘LEGALIZING’ marijuana when you people seriously aren’t reading the fine print. This isn’t legalization, This is the government creating a cash cow industry to suck out of you. Now you WILL be forced to smoke chemically grown weed, no more medical dispensary’s will be allowed. This wont be instant and it will take the a few years to have the bills passed one by one to have the rights taken from the people to then give back to us with a price tag. Arizona hopefully will keep they’re right to grow, but like most legal states, your right to grow will be lost as soon as those 502 locations are open.AND YES there is a HUGE difference between a medical dispensary and the state-licensed retail outlets they are proposing. ( I will add my references). I am VERY informed in this entire topic of marijuana, I am a patient, a grower and a dispensary worker. I HAVE TO KNOW, Im very keen to stay aware what rights are being taken from me. And yes, I use caps. Makes me feel better. Glad pointing that out makes you feel better too. Anyways, Moving on. I’m all for people using weed, but the problem is this isn’t as golden as everyone thinks it is, and the small print to a lot of this politics arn’t in our favor. I want Reform in our legalization, THAT’S ALL! The bills need to be fixed, and the people need to see what they are really trying to pass. Have any of you made it to the Legalization Meetings in your states? I have. Every single one. Have you seen the yearly schedule of pronounced bills to be pushed? No? then how do you know…Cause you were told (from somewhere you cant really tell) that all this will be fine and weed will be free. Please don’t be fooled into thinking legalizing it will make it all better, Yes now you cant get life time for weed- that great- not saying it isn’t, however letting an entire medical industry fall so you don’t have to fight for better rights for everyone not just your right to smoke anytime you want. (Although if this really happens you wont even know what your buying.) I care; So that’s what im standing up for. Oh and more more clarification; I FULLY believe Adults have the right to do anything they please, but they’re really aren’t any adults IN this Legalization. Just a bunch of greedy kids with calculators. Your all to our opinions just like I’m to mine, Marijuana culture is my life and I like being informed. Slightly insulting for anyone to assume I just verbal diarrhea’ed all that for no reason. I enjoy the response so please don’t feel like this is an argument. I’m glad weed has gotten so much good people behind it, but they’re are to many bad people pushing this with they’re own agenda; and if we fall for it now we will be screwed. Legalize it on our own terms. That’s all i want. I also found it quite entertaining to see people who claim to want weed rights for everyone, and yet they would just pass a bill that will strip medical patients of focused medicine; for your right to smoke when you fucking feel like it. Who’s selfish now? A 23 year old musician has more right to a better industry then a cancer patient? Only because they really dont care whats in it, what its called, or where it came from. all they want its to get high. That’s great. I will just go down some more epilepsy and chemo meds so you can go get high. Great point. As long as you get what you want, who cares if the medical industry gets turned into a joke so people can just use it recreationally.

    I know what i stand for. We are obviously on different sides of the same rope. I want it to be used to create better life’s for others, and you want to make Music and Paint things. and Fuck. both great reasons. Just needs some fine tuning to get the government out of our plants. Isn’t it the whole point to show what this plant can really do?? Why would you keep trying to repress it as just something you do when your bored? I love weed for what it is, A FUCKING MIRACULOUS CURE! And I refuse to let them tell me anything different. Feel free to continue Like i said, I enjoy the response, not to be controversial, but this research is my life. I like to know what people want. On both ends, i know what i want. All im asking is that the Pot heads pushing this bill, keep in mind that they’re are medical patients that depend on this plant to live and ALL rights need to be address, not just “not getting arrested’ for it. There is still a lot to do to make this right.

    Not meaning any of that to sound mean or bitchy.
    Although i did start my period yesterday. Dammit.


  28. Violet didnt read it right obviously needed something to rant about. I am a medical user and i also 100% support full legalization in AZ and everywhere because its getting downright ridiculous to fight over a plant. Can we not grow our own tomatoes and corn anymore? Why not outlaw pecan trees? Those who can grow, should and those that cant need options. I for one would do both i buy tomatoes from a store until the season allows it to be grown at home again and if they dont turn out or when it gets cold i shop at the store again. Who believes we live in a free country?

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  30. One can only hope that this gets to the voters. Most of the AZ legislature is stuck in the 1930s when it comes to this issue. We had to approve medical marijuana three times before it was grudgingly allowed in a limited and very expensive way.

  31. DecarboxylatedTHC-a on

    Wrong. The quality cant go down because then why would anyone buy it from a store (when homey up the street has the kind) and price cant go higher because again why wouldn’t i go to my buddy’s and get the best herb in the world for a fair price ( yay NorCal!) This is a silly worry the economics dont allow for considering the extensive black market that already exists. More likely just wider selection of quality and price (like alcohol after prohibition)

  32. Gosh, Violet, can you explain yourself? Who’s taking what rights from you? What part of “anyone over 21 can grow it” in the article did you not understand? You have no more right to say people can’t have it than the government does. Sounds like someone has fed you a line of shit that you are pretty upset about. I’m a legal MedCan user, and I hope someday everyone can get it legally. This is no joke. What is wrong with you?

    Of course kids will always be able to get it, but right now, pot prohibition makes it easier. Did you see a huge surge in the liquor black market after Prohibition was over? No. And the teenagers won’t be enough to support a healthy black market of marijuana either.

    You should ask questions if you’re confused, not over react and yell at us all.

  33. All a medical user of cannabis for more than four decades I understand that my access to growing the plant requires full legalization for all competent adults. As long as we segregate medical cannabis users from the rest of society we run the rusks of limited access to growing our herbal medicine for the mostly indigent disabled community of the chronically and terminally ill..

  34. whippersnapper666 on

    YOUR medicine? No, it belongs to everyone.
    Did you even read the article and what rock do you live under?
    “Under his proposed law, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, and the private cultivation of up to 5 plants, would no longer be illegal, and state-licensed retail outlets would be authorized.”
    You will still be able to grow your own.
    A 15 year old is able to go out and get marijuana off of the streets now if they want to, it is really not that hard to find. Making marijuana legal for recreational users will make it harder for anyone under the age of 18 to acquire it. But just like alcohol or any prescription drug if someone under 18 wants it bad enough they can find it, legal or not.
    And you have no place to say who can or can not use marijuana whether it be for medicinal use or recreational use.

  35. Vincent Nibblin on

    Violet, looks like you voted up yourself on this one, Marijuana is not just a medicine, its great for inspiration in art , music, any creative project including all types of construction and landscape work, oh and SEX! It works for me in all areas. Not everyone becomes a sloth eating doughnuts after smoking. I know so many high functioning people what wake and bake everyday, yes even doctors and dentists, and they do a great job at what they do for a living, with even a bit interest in doing good work. Medi patients will still have the right to grow their own. You come off as a little paranoid, maybe too much sativa dominant herb, try something indica dominant, it will help to calm you down a bit! Yelling in CAPS! make me think you are neglecting your female area, the helping hand you need is at the end of your own arm. Peace

  36. Legalization makes you sad. Let me tell something, marijuana prohibition doesn’t just make me sad, it makes me madder than hell. It’s really none of your business why adults use marijuana. You also need to understand that the reason why many states have medical marijuana laws in the first place is because many recreational users voted in favor of them. I don’t need to justify my use of marijuana for you and I sure as hell don’t need you to stand in the doorway blocking my liberty. I don’t want to see medical marijuana patients harmed in any way and I do want to see them protected, but I’ll be damned if I have to suffer criminal sanctions so that you can medicate. I’m sorry for sounding harsh but any form of marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity. Please don’t be a part of the “I got mine, screw everyone else crowd.” And where do you get off saying it’s your medicine anyways? It’s not just YOUR medicine. You didn’t create the plant. Safe access happens when every adult that desires marijuana has safe access. Just my perspective.

  37. This makes me sad….Soon all of our cannabis rights will be taken from us everywhere and all us MEDICAL patients will be forced to smoke chemically grown-sawdust packed pre-rolls at ridiculous prices. I would prefer my right to grow my medicine so I can continue to LIVE a life worth waking up for. Marijuana ISN’T RECREATIONAL!! ITS A MEDICINE! You don’t take Tylenol or Vicodin for the hell of it, and if you are; YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Condoning the use of marijuana for ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER including boredom, is just plain ANTI-PRODUCTIVE. How do you think allowing ANYONE over the age of 21 to buy weed, WILL REGULATE THE DRUG OFF THE STREETS?? You seriously think that will solve the problem of under age people having it? WRONG. NOW every 15 year old with some money can pay anyone to go buy them weed. Pathetic way of thinking that will solve anything. Keeping Marijuana a pharmaceutical medication will KEEP IT THAT; A MEDICATION THAT YOU USE TO HELP YOU MEDICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY. Stop making my Medicine a JOKE!!

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