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Arizona State Capitol Protest Calls For Marijuana Legalization


Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensariesThere is a significant effort underway in Arizona to legalize marijuana, both via an initiative and at the Arizona Legislature. Arizona has a great chance of legalizing marijuana during the 2016 Election, and possibly before via the Arizona Legislature. A protest was held this week to in an effort to show Arizona lawmakers that such an idea has strong support from voters. Per AZ Central:

The protest organized by the advocacy group Safer Arizona was one of many planned for the first day of the 2015 Legislative session.

Demonstrators in coordinated garb held signs with phrases such as “Free the leaf,” “Marijuana is safer than alcohol” and “The war on drugs is a war on U$.” The signs reflected the issues on which the protesters focused throughout the event, including the felony status and fees that come with marijuana possession and its possible use in aiding veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, among other health conditions.

Founder of Safer Arizona, Dennis Bohlke, 60, said the group plans to protest on the first day of the legislative agenda every year until it achieves success.

Arizona’s Legislature has a prime opportunity to get in on this conversation and have a say on what marijuana legalization looks like in Arizona. Otherwise, if they pass, they will likely be forced to live with the initiative version that has a stellar chance of winning on Election Day in 2016. Hopefully Arizona’s Legislature isn’t like Oregon’s, which had a similar chance to pass a bill, and instead is now scrambling to figure things out after they thought marijuana activists were bluffing when they said they would take the fight to the ballot (and obviously won!).


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  1. Thanks for the post! It’s incredible to watch as these dominos as they actually start to fall. Just a few short years ago the legalization of cannabis seemed like a hippie’s pipe dream, and now nearly every state is starting to see the huge potential this plant has to offer. The war on drugs is finally beginning to come to a close. Wishing the best of luck for AZ activists in the upcoming election!

  2. The tide has turned my friends. Every state worth their salt is making the move to legalize because they see the writing on the wall. Legalization has taken a very long time because the arguments for were poorly constructed or the populous was not willing to look at the downfalls to prohibition.
    Now that there are enough of us, in many states, to force the issue, we are going to keep this ball rolling no matter who gets into office. This issue has done something very few issues have done: The marijuana debate has unified the isle. If all important issues such as this could have people finding common ground this country might not be in the peril it finds itself in.

    Good on you fine folks in Az. We here in the NW are rooting for you.

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