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Arizona’s First Medical Marijuana Collective Opens Its Doors To Patients


Arizona Cannabis SocietyLast Monday, an Arizona based medical marijuana group opened the doors to the first Collective offered to Arizona’s registered medical marijuana card holders. Arizona Cannabis Society LLC opened the doors to their first Collective in grand fashion Monday morning at 11am by handing out FREE medical marijuana to the first 100 patients through the door.

The Collective, which is known as Arizona Cannabis Society, launched a program which is designed for medical marijuana patients that are not interested in cultivating their own medical marijuana plants but are approved to cultivate or for patients that do not want to appoint a registered caregiver this early in the states medical marijuana program.

Arizona Cannabis Society accepts “agency rights” in its name from the patients in order to cultivate 12 medical marijuana plants for each patient they sign up. The Collective cultivates marijuana for the patients and in return patients are able to come to the Collective facilities to receive their medication from the staff at the reimbursement cost of the production. This makes it far more affordable for patients to get quality medical marijuana from a legal source. The group gave away free grams of medical marijuana to the first 100 patients that signed up for the Collective.

The Arizona legislation (ARS 28-1) states patients may reimburse caregivers for reasonable production costs of the medication with one exception, labor. The Collective only assists its own members as it cannot cultivate for anyone that isn’t a member. The AZCS Collective offers patients an alternative to Compassion Clubs that are gaining in popularity across the valley and is completely ARS 28.1 compliant.

Arizona Cannabis Society also offers free classes to members as well as the following services; massage therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy, cultivation consulting, legal consulting and certification services for new medical marijuana patients. The facility also has a paraphernalia room where patients and staff can discuss various usage methods.

Visit or call today for more information regarding membership fee’s or assistance with medical marijuana services.

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  1. Mantoinette777 on

    I just got my card but I live in Surprise and don’t want to drive all the way to Elements on Cave Creek.  I’m confused because I called El Mirage and they said there are no dispensaries in Arizona.  OK, that’s fine, but then where to I go to whatever it’s “called” legally.  I did searches on the internet and nothing, no addresses, etc.

  2. I visited the El Mirage location last week. IT WAS LIFECHANGING!. A very good vibe to the place, very knowledgeable staff that could recommend particular strains for particular medical needs, and everybody that i met was very friendly and kind. Professionally run with great care to the patients and the cause. No bullshit egos or attitudes. My long search is over. THANKS SO MUCH! AZCS is the way natural medicine should be.

  3. I went to their location, it had two thuggish looking dudes running the counter, no wonder people have such a negative view of cannabis. They are basically running a dispensary out of the place.

  4. Ive been to almost every club here in phoenix, and first off I have say that AZCS is one of the better spots to get medicine. First off they do have top shelf, second I got a 4.1 grams for $50, and it looks like they did their homework, its clean and the staff was very helpfull and professional. The other clubs let people bring in pets with them, and all their friends,cousins and nephews. This last weekend I bought a ounce for a club not AZCS, when I ask for a ounce she replied “do you know how many grams that is? 24 right?” I said NO its 28, so right away that tells you either their a little retarded or trying to hustle patients. AZCS doesn’t do that, I recently got some MeDi bud clones from AZCS which are doing really well. Also I heard their opening a collective on the westside which make all us westsiders very happy. Overall I give AZCS 9 out of 10 highly recomended, one more thing there edibles are fantastic!!!!!

  5. This so called collective is terrible. I was in there the other day, and the medicine was not top-shelf. Patients: DO NOT join this collective (compassion club) or whatever you want to call it. Their meds are extremely low quality and the location is a hole in the wall.

  6. AZ Weed Guru huh? You obviously have never read prop 203 or you wouldn’t make such an uneducated comment. Let me explain a little something something to ya right quick, AZ Weed Clown, there has to be a CRIME for someone to go to prison. A CRIME could be alleged IF the AG could establish corpus delicti.
    To do this there must be an allegation of “injury, loss or harm” and a “criminal agency” that commits the act. There must be palatable relief possible for the plaintiff, and last but not least the prosecution will have to produce the actual complainant so the defense can question their accuser.

    AZCS operates a Collective not a compassion club, don’t get us twisted. A Collective is simple a group of patients that choose assign us their cultivation rights and in exchange we offer them medication grown by the Collective.

    No “donation” is made, the patients are reimbursing AZCS for the production cost of the medication and that is CLEARLY ALLOWED in ARS 28.1.

    36-2801. Definitions

    (Caution: 1998 Prop. 105 applies)

    In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

    1. “Allowable amount of marijuana”

    (a) With respect to a qualifying patient, the “allowable amount of marijuana” means:

    (i) Two-and-one-half ounces of usable marijuana; and

    (ii) If the qualifying patient’s registry identification card states that the qualifying patient is authorized to cultivate marijuana, twelve marijuana plants contained in an enclosed, locked facility except that the plants are not required to be in an enclosed, locked facility if the plants are being transported because the qualifying patient is moving.

    (b) With respect to a designated caregiver, the “allowable amount of marijuana” for each patient assisted by the designated caregiver under this chapter means:

    Did you see anywhere that said the patient had to cultivate in a specific area, or will any “locked, enclosed facility” work? Perhaps a facility with other patients to save on costs? Yup surely we will be in prison in no time!!

    And did everyone notice the lack of the word “registered” before the word caregiver? Read the law, there is two groups of people it talks about, some have the word “registered” in front of their title, some don’t. Assigning AZCS temporary caregiver status and allowing us to cultivate 12 plants at our facility is clearly allowed.

    We don’t assist just anyone with a card like the other clubs do, we assist our patients, ones the join the Collective, that’s it.

    So where again are we breaking a law??


  7. AZ Weed Guru on

    In other news these clowns will all be in prison soon with Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio laughing their asses off.

    How stupid are these guys?!?!??!?!


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