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Arkansas Governor Needs To Pardon ALL Marijuana Convictions, Not Just Son’s

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They always say that it’s all in who you know. That seems to be the case in Arkansas, where the outgoing Governor is going to pardon his son who was convicted in 2003 for possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute. At the time of his son’s arrest, Governor Mike Beebe stated, per the Washington Post:

“Obviously, his mother and I are heartbroken like any parent would be,” he told the paper then, later adding that his son “needs to be treated like everybody else – no better, no worse.”

Governor Beebe plans on pardoning his son, but not others. Why you ask? Again, per the Washington Post:

“If they straightened up to get their life back on track and have a second chance, so this is no different,” Gov. Beebe told KATV of his son’s pardon. “It’s different because it’s my son.”

How does that logic not apply to EVERY person convicted of a marijuana offense in Arkansas that fits the same description? Is the Governor’s son the only  person that has ‘straightened up?’ Because I know people that have been convicted of marijuana offenses in Arkansas, and they are by all accounts great people, yet they still get to walk around with the ‘marijuana scarlet letter,’ unlike Mr. Beebe’s son. The only thing wrong with marijuana is getting caught with it, which is something that every marijuana consumer in Arkansas has to worry about. That is, unless you’re the son of the Governor.


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  1. Where governor Beebe is taking steps to pardon marijuana convictions in his state is a good step forward, I believe the entire country should stand and be counted to end this war on a naturally growing plant. There is absolutely no justification for the war on Marijuana, and there never has been. All life on this earth has as much right to survive as you and I. I personally am ashamed of our government and I feel that the federal and state governments are directly responsible for each and every death involved in their war on marijuana.

    And as far as the Church siding with the government, well y’all need to go find yourself a new church . A church with a pastor that has read book one of the bible and understood what he has read. Book one of the bible states that God created all living things here on earth. In your hart can you honestly believe that God created marijuana to see how many lives could be lost are destroyed over something that he created. We surely don’t kill over the apples that God has created, are the pecans, are the corn. In my hart I believe that marijuana should be no more of a commodity than the apples I eat. Now how about you, and if you see any truth in this old mans thinking then stand with us and fight our government and stop this insanity.

    Thank you for your time and may God bless.

  2. channing webster on

    Pardoning all nonviolent pot offenders would be shrewd move for a retiring politician. Ryan in Illinois commuted every death sentence there and it’s what he’s remembered for (rather than going to prison himself). That being said, a governor ought not have the power to pardon members of his own family. It’s unseemly. He should at the very least have to petition the legislature for their approval. I wonder if he has the power to pardon himself.

  3. I don’t live in Arkansas but watched all evening, hoping drug warmonger extraordinaire, Asa Hutchison, wouldn’t win. Unfortunately, he did win. Three days later, Arkansas citizens offered a marijuana legalization effort which if it were to pass , will now most certainly burn to ashes in the Governor mansion fireplace.

  4. Watching the comments here, I feel it necessary to play devil’s advocate one more time. Per ABC news…

    “Beebe has pardoned more than 700 people since taking office eight years
    ago, and at an increasing pace as the end of his term nears. He has
    announced pardons for 81 people in the last six months, and 50 in the
    six months before that. Half the pardons have gone to nonviolent drug
    offenders with cases similar to Kyle Beebe’s.”

    So, his son was not the only one, just one among many. Another noteworthy tidbit in the ABC article is certainly a reason I would have done exactly what this governor did…

    “Beebe, a Democrat, will leave office about 30 days after his next set of
    pardons are expected. A spokesman for Republican Gov.-elect Asa
    Hutchinson, a former congressman who headed the Drug Enforcement
    Administration under former President George W. Bush, said it was
    unlikely the new governor would weigh in.”

    The incoming governor may be a nightmare for anyone still suffering the consequences of the failed war on drugs, and my guess is that he will be adding to the prisoners of this war, not pardoning them.

  5. People would stand up and cheer If he were to pardon all MJ people in Arkansas. I don’t think that he realises the public acclaim that he would receive here. Of course the republicans would cry foul but that is the default setting for them anyway. I recently heard on the news here that the nitwit party here wants build a new prison. What we really need to do is let most of the ones in prison out.

  6. I was pardoned by my Governor 30 years ago. I guess he figured I’d done my time for getting caught for a victimless crime, and no, he wasn’t my dad. Screw this gov.

  7. Apparently, he has no intention (and for good reason!) of attempting to remain in politics.
    The fact that he was even elected one time diminishes not only his credibility, but also that of voters and the overall process in Arkansas.

  8. This little move will be good for the 2016 legalization vote …..

    Former Governor Bebee pardoned his son for marijuana and now you can vote to pardon the people ….. Vote YES for Marijuana Legalization on November 8th …..

    This little move by an elected Offical will be useful, I suspect!

  9. the governor needs to be brought up on charges for the conspiracy to overthrow our constitution, and bill of rights, along with all others with similar delusional beliefs, they arent our kings you know

  10. This is a downright INSULT to Arkansans! If my son or daughter or ANYONE for that matter, had a similar conviction? I’d be PISSED! What makes HIS son any better than others who have gone through college? Many times WITHOUT being able to get “Federal Financial Aid” or are excluded from MOST scholarships because THEY had the same charge his son does? Now however, they can’t get MANY jobs, due to that same charge on their record. Unable to hold “Security clearances” due to that charge as well. What about them?

    He’d get SO tired of SEEING and hearing my voice, he’d hear it in his fucking sleep!

  11. Ain’t politics grand? This piece of shit governor will not pardon other cannabis users because the law allows him to get away with pardoning his son but not others. Every fucking politician is the same way. But many will still continue to trash the opposing party.

    Personally, I would rather see his son rot in prison in the name of fairness. He only “cared” about fairness while he was in power but on his way out he could give a fuck less.

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