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The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment Of 2016 Approved To Start Gathering Signatures


Arkansas medical marijuanaArkansas voted on medical marijuana during the 2012 election. The medical marijuana initiative (Issue 5) failed by a vote of 51.44% to 48.56%. Supporters have been trying to get back on the ballot, with an initiative being approved this week to start gathering signatures for the 2016 ballot. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge approved on Wednesday the language and format of a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Supporters will now have to collect about 85,000 signatures to make the November ballot.

Rutledge had rejected the five previous MMJ proposals submitted to her, asserting in each case that their titles were too ambiguous. Earlier this month, Rutledge rejected a proposal that backers dubbed “The Arkansas Cannabis Amendment.”

The amendment Rutledge approved this week is called the “The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016,” which was submitted by Little Rock attorney David Couch.

In addition to the nearly 85k total valid signature requirement, there are also county signature requirements in Arkansas. That makes signature gathering strategies tougher, especially with such a short time frame to work with. The campaign has until July to meet signature requirements, which isn’t impossible, but will definitely take a solid effort. So far, Florida has already qualified a medical marijuana initiative for the 2016 ballot, with a handful of other states currently gathering signatures.


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  1. I am a retired government employee. I see people who drink and drive everyday.I really don’t recall someone who used marijuana getting in their car and driving down the wrong side of the highway,killing 5 people.Why do alcohol people have to be told to DrinkResponsibly.In my years weed eases anxiety and you are content and much pain is gone.Drink and the first thing you do is get in your car and kill some innocent people every time.Lets vote in a couple of months to legalize and let the police get the real bad guys.

  2. Greg N Jill Cox on

    I’ll be in ozark ar June 1st 2016 let me know where to sign. ..I’m down 420 all day everyday

  3. Gari Worzalla on

    people are going to smoke it regardless of any unjust law. they just want to keep a criminal element about it so they can further demonize it

  4. Julie Norris Yell on

    I would just like to mention that the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act was approved in 2014 and has been collecting signatures for the last 2 years. We need 68,000 signatures to make the ballot and we have 78,000 so far. WE WILL MAKE THE BALLOT. I think the wording of the Medical Marijuana Amendment wreaks of monopoly and greed. It was not written with patients in mind. It was written for a select few people to make money. I strongly encourage you to research both and decide what would be best for the PATIENTS of Arkansas. I am tired of people making money off of people’s sickness. Arkansans for Compassionate Care do not want your money. We want you to be well.

    Dont let this poorly worded amendment make it to the ballot and split the vote, costing everyone safe access to medical cannabis!

  5. We all need to ban together and march on the capital steps with colorful signs and pickets and let them know we WANT IT to be legalized if 1000 people march on the capital it will make a true statement the time is NOW

  6. June Stephens on

    How can we help get signatures and where can I sign. I live in the south west corner of the state.

  7. Arkansas is a great state with mostly good people but unfortunately we have some of the most corrupt politicians on earth. Unless there is a way for political cronies to make a buck you will never see marijauna legalized. Just saying

  8. True considering the fact that I don’t live in the state or anywhere near it nor have I ever stepped foot in it.

  9. I realize that the above article did make mention of MMJ almost passing in 2012. Even if it makes the ballot this year: Don’t count on it.

  10. saynotohypocrisy on

    They almost legalized MMJ in 2012, as noted above. If it makes the ballot it seems very likely to pass.

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