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Arkansas Voters Should See REAL Medical Marijuana Information In Ads, Not Propaganda


Which Of These TV Ads Should Voters See?

By Rob Kampia, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project

Which of these two ads would you rather see on TV?

Please take 30 seconds to watch the first ad produced by Arkansans for Compassionate Care in support of Issue 5, which would make Arkansas the 18th state to legalize medical marijuana.

And make sure you’re sitting down when you watch the opposition’s TV ad in Arkansas.

We’re coming down to the wire in both Colorado and Arkansas. Simply put, we need to ensure that voters in both states see our side’s TV ads much more often than the opposition’s TV ads. Will you chip in at least $25 to pay for our side’s TV ads?

It costs only $25 to air one of our ads on 600 voters’ TV screens. Similarly, a donation of $100 pays for the airing of 2,400 ads. And $1,000 pays for 24,000 ads!

Less than three weeks remain until Election Day. Would you please make your first donation of 2012 today?

It’s up to you to determine how many Arkansas voters will get to hear Emily’s story … or how many Colorado voters will get to see this ad in support of the legalization initiative in Colorado.


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  1. pam swearengin on

    I am appalled and ashamed that there are so many bigots in arkansas, I have ms and fibromyalgia and i dont take the “safe drugs” my doctors give me BECAUSE they make me so high i can not function and then these people have the gall to say i want marijuana to get high. it is laughable if it were not so sad. leave us alone and allow us to find a natural relief to our pain! Mind your own business family council! if you do not want to use medical marijuana that is ok, but quit trying to make MY decisions for me. I can quarantee you dont back off from your drinking, you know that is a drug, right???

  2. Unbelievably racist, the second ad. I hope the NAACP protests.
    By the way, I am caucasian, and very outraged. Such lies should be revealed for the insulting propaganda they are. I wish the ‘Truth in Advertising’ statues could be used against the ‘Family Council Action Committee’. In the meanwhile, all stations running such a negative, false, misleading, and racist ad should be bombarded with complaints, as should their advertisers.

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