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Arsenio Hall Refuses To Narc On Uber Driver Who Smelled Like Marijuana

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I have loved Arsenio Hall ever since I was a kid. I watched his show growing up, and Coming to America with him and Eddie Murphy is still a movie that I can never pass up when I see it on TV. I saw a tweet come across Tom Angell’s Twitter feed the other day in which Arsenio Hall stated the following:

That tweet led to a response from Uber, which stated:

But Arsenio isn’t a narc, and tweeted back the following:

I in no way condone driving under the influence, of marijuana or anything else that can impair an individual. However, just because the smell of marijuana is present does not mean that the driver consumed cannabis recently, let alone that the driver was under the influence. Arsenio Hall gets it, and Uber should too! I have used Uber quite a few times, and the drivers are always cannabis friendly. It’s not like I’m trying to hot box their car, but having a sweet aroma emitting from my pocket should be a good thing, and not a bad thing, and most Uber drivers (and Arsenio Hall!) seem to agree.


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  1. The comments make no sense and are merely asking for injury to yourself or innocent people that come into contact with you.
    This kind of intentional irresponsible action is what sets back the initiative for reclassification and legalization.

  2. After working with people who’ve been in mentally altered states, and recreationally myself, does it really matter? When people function as well as or better than when they’re sober. Example- ride dirt bike stoned. And some people perform well while alcohol inebriated. Being buzzed on Cannabis can provide a person with the will to perform tasks one would not care to do otherwise.

  3. Shouldn’t have tweeted about it in the first place if it was “all good” smh @ Arsenio.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Nice little story. Let the public backlash and boycotts commence in full force against employers who aim to punish America’s cannabis consumers. Our money and votes are equally powerful.

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