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Ask For Clemency For Michael Pelletier Who Is Serving Life For Marijuana


michael pelletierI came across a petition that is going around that is asking for clemency for Michael Pelletier who is serving a life sentence for marijuana. Michael’s picture caught my eye on social media because he looks almost identical to my uncle who has also served quite a bit of time due to the war on drugs. Below is more about the petition, which can be signed at this link here:

When my brother, Michael Pelletier, was 11 years old, he lost the use of his legs in a tractor accident on the family potato farm in Madawaska Maine, just below the Canadian border.  I am one of nine original siblings and his older sister. It was heartbreaking to see my brother confined to a wheelchair while the rest of us played, but he never wanted our pity. Instead, Michael always tried to make the most of his situation.  He learned to repair Bulova watches and make jewelry.

At some point, when Michael was a teenager, he tried marijuana and discovered the therapeutic benefits before there was any legitimate, scientific research, or “medical marijuana” propositions passed in any of the current 23 states that have legalized medicinal use of cannabis.  The cannabis provided better relief than his prescription meds for his spinal injury at T-7 with transection of the cord.

In his younger years, Michael had a few prior arrests related to pot and later, at age 50 was caught importing marijuana from Canada into the U.S.   He went to trial and received LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE based on the testimony of two co-defendants who received less time in exchange for their cooperation. Michael has already served 9 years, but to make matters worse, he is incarcerated in a U.S. Penitentiary that houses the most dangerous felons, even though there was no violence in his case and he is confined to a wheelchair.

We hope President Obama will commute Michael’s sentence before he leaves office in January of 2017.  

To read more about his case please go to CAN-DO Foundation – an organization that advocates “justice through clemency!”  

Thank you for your support,
Marlene Champagne


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Johnny Green


  1. No but his aspirations to unleash meth on a defenseless population like northern maine that would unleash widespread pain and misery which i witnessed first hand, lets just say we agree to disagree.

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    Too many people have done far worse crimes and gotten far lighter sentences. His punishment is excessive.

  3. Couldn’t agree more i am beyond being pro marijuana, but this man (who tried to recruit me as a “manager”) was a crime lord, not a victim.

  4. The circumstances surrounding this conclude that this person wasn’t just smuggling an ounce across the border, it was ridiculous amounts and the way he went about it he knew he was looking at severe criminal penalties.

    It’s one thing to get caught selling two doobies to an undercover cop and getting 20 yrs for it(John Sinclair) and smuggling hundreds of pounds across the border in a huge operation while getting food stamps?

    Like you say the food stamp fraud will get you prison time, felon with a pistol, prison time, meth, prison time.

    My heart goes out to folks like John Sinclair with a totally bogus sentence but not to folks that set up a huge illegal enterprise and then claim they are a victim of bad sentencing.

    This guy obviously knew he was breaking many huge laws(smuggling across international borders to start) and is not a ‘victim’.

    Thank you for clarifying the facts of this case, too many times change.org puts up these ‘victim’ causes without details and then we find out these were hardened criminals all along.

    No one should go to jail for pot. Period. But this was not just pot.

  5. Johnny green next time put down the pipe for a sec and do some research, i was very close to this case during my time in Maine, and clemency isnt gonna happen, Mr Pelletier was convicted of smuggling across the us Canadian border over a 5 yr peroid making about 3.5 million dollars and still kept getting foodstamps and ssi disability, so that alone will keep him in, he was also expanding into meth with “his friend Collen Nadeau and recipie purchased from outlaws” a quote from Mr Pelletier as far as co defendants testifying his fiancee testified for 6 hrs the first day of his jury trail his “workers” made 5k to swim across the st john river Pelletier made hundreds of thousands per “run”, and lastly as a felon mr Pelletier carried a nickel plated 357 in his wheelchair and was know to pull it on occasion, so the FACT is he is where he belongs and AUSA Joel b Casey did a excellent and proper job covicting Mike Pelletier, i lived in allagash,fort kent and madawaska so my knowledge is first hand not speculation or rumor.

  6. Closet Warrior on

    Sounds like the old let’s gang up and get out of trouble on the so called friends part. No productive citizen should have to do life in prison for a medicinal plant especially after overcoming such adversity.

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