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Ask Sarah Diesel Blog Post Number One


sarah diesel culture magazineThis is a cool new series that we are going to start running. Sarah Diesel has done it all in the world of cannabis, and is a very deep thinking human being as well. Her insight is wisdom anyone is lucky to have:

Ask Sarah Diesel

Dear Sarah,

I have been dating this really amazing girl for over a month, and I think we are getting pretty serious. The problem is, she doesn’t know I use medical marijuana. How should I bring it up?

~ Hesitant Boyfriend


Dear Hesitant Boyfriend,

She might already know you smoke marijuana (which means she must be cool with it to stay with you). Girls are pretty intuitive about these things. Plus, the half-eaten cupcakes and copy of CULTURE on your coffee table usually give it away.

Really, though, I would be totally honest with her. If she doesn’t support your choice for medicine, then maybe you two have to decide if it’s a deal-breaker for the relationship. After all, the worst she can do is break up with you. You’re young and you’ll find “the one” when you least expect it.

Perhaps she’ll be a patient herself and has been waiting to tell you!


Dear Sarah,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year, and we’re both patients. Lately, he has been eating too many edibles and smoking lots of indica. He doesn’t want to go out or do anything, and I mean anything (that doesn’t involve the couch)! Please help…

~ Frustrated Girlfriend


Dear Frustrated,

I have three words for you–sativa, titration and “cannabis holidays”! Okay, so that’s more like five words. First, indicas tend to be very sedative and relaxing. Adding some sativas or hybrids to his regiment may help with this. Second, there’s no need to suck down a joint of kush and eat an edible in one sitting. Instead, tell him to smoke a quarter of the joint and eat a portion of the edible. Wait an hour to feel the effects, then ingest more as necessary.

His tolerance is probably sky high (no pun intended), so he needs more cannabis to “feel medicated.” Titration (small, slow dosages) will allow him to find the perfectly effective amount without overmedicating. This will also help save money that the two of you can use to do fun things together, or save it for a rainy day. Valentine’s is around the corner.

Lastly, I like to take a “cannabis holiday” now and then to see the world through everyone else’s eyes, which usually reminds me why I like to medicate so much. This also helps with my tolerance. Ever hear of the term “one hit wonder”?


Dear Sarah Diesel, I’m a single female who just moved to L.A. from Texas. Where are some cool places to go to meet people who aren’t Republicans? Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I would love a smashing night on the town.

~ Looking for Love


Dear Looking for Love,

First of all, let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with dating yourself. I did it, and it was a blast! Think about what you like to do and whom you are trying to meet. Would you rather go to a quaint cafe on Melrose and read a book while sipping a mocha? Or go to a nightclub and get grinded on by a sweaty guy who’s three sheets to the wind? I say to each their own, so if the latter is more your speed, then I would suggest the nightclubs on Hollywood Boulevard after 11 p.m. any night of the week.

Los Angeles is packed with intriguing little hole-in-the-walls that most people drive right by. Some are even free. Take yourself on a fascinating afternoon at LACMA or a melodic evening with the L.A. Phil. The Hollywood Farmer’s Market (Hollywood and Ivar Avenue on Sunday mornings) is one of the best places in L.A. to meet hip, healthy and happening characters. Also, don’t forget about the beautiful beach (which too many of us take for granted). You may not find Mr. Perfect immediately, but at least you’ll have fun trying.


Dear Sarah,

I’ve observed a fascinating phenomenon where lighters seem to vanish into thin air at medical cannabis events. Are you aware of this phenomenon, and can you elaborate on it at all?

~ Flameless in L.A.


Dear Flameless,

Why, yes, I have observed this fascinating effect medical-cannabis events seem to have on lighters. In fact, the leading research out of the Netherlands indicates a clear connection between large gatherings of individuals, the presence of cannabis and the likelihood a lighter will vanish into thin air. The working theory behind the Medical Cannabis Event-Oriented Spontaneous Lighter Combustion Hypothesis is that cannabis psycho-activity creates a gravitational pull upon plastic and butane originating from the users’ pockets, but clear answers are, shall we say, a little hazy.

Apparently, extensive laboratory studies were performed, but scientists are still trying to remember where they put the data. Until such time that these records are recovered, I shall take it upon myself to conduct exhaustive research on the subject by frequently attending large gatherings of individuals consuming cannabis. Sounds like business as usual. I will be reporting my findings.

Rose Petals and Chocolate,

Sarah Diesel


Got a burning question about love, life and/or the pursuit of medicine? Ask Sarah Diesel, medical-marijuana advocate and L.A.’s counselor of class and cannabis. Just keep your questions short, straightforward and obscenity-free, and email them to AskSarah@freeculturemag.com.


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