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Attend New Approach Idaho’s First Meet And Greet Event


new approach idaho marijuanaNew Approach Idaho is seeking to reform Idaho’s marijuana laws, which are some of the worst in the nation. If you live in Idaho, I strongly encourage you to attend New Approach Idaho’s first ever meet and greet event. Looking at traffic numbers to this blog, 104,737 people from Idaho have visited this blog. If everyone of them got active in Idaho, getting on the ballot would be a lock. Do your part! Details are below:


The repeal of Alcohol Prohibition in the United States was accomplished with the passage of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 5, 1933.

To commemorate that day, NEW APPROACH IDAHO will be holding its first official Volunteer Meet n’ Greet Meeting on Friday, December 5th, 2014, in Boise at the Idaho Pizza Company on Broadway.

If you cannot make it, or want to connect with our Core Team, please join our new volunteer group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502047370048259/


Where: Idaho Pizza Company 1677 S Broadway Ave, Boise, Idaho 83706

When: Friday, December 5at 7:00pm in MST


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Johnny Green


  1. Buds…I was probably using cannabis in Idaho before your parents were born… I have seen a number of these organizations come…and go…because of the harassment…

    shut up, eh..do not think so.. Idaho should abandon their prohibitionistic ways…but that does not matter what I say…

    I am just offering fair warning to those who will be brave…as I stated..have lived under their repression for 60 yrs before I could manage to escape…decades of hiding to smoke, afraid of the neighbors might see there is not tomatoes in the tomatoes and the helicopters and the just say No literature that comes with the utility bills…yes sireee, you have not Idea about what it takes to get and be high in Idaho…and it isn’t worth losing your house, kids and life over a joint, but that is how Idaho LEO sees it….

    read before you shoot off your mouth… “let it be foo???” what the hell is that… anyway…

    I would not hold my breathe until this happens….

  2. Hopefully, every other person at the event will NOT be a member of one of the myriad of Local Law Enforcement task forces. I bet Meridian Mayor-Prohibitionist Tammy De Weerd is just thrilled by this movement and will dispatch members of Meridian’s finest to monitor this gang of criminally minded people….(sarcasm)..

    BUT…There will be people in Idaho who will try anything to squash this movement. Look at many of the people who were involved in the prior attempts…twin Falls..arrested….Boise…children removed from homes (later returned), but most of these people have moved to Cannabis friendly states…as a consequence of their activism. If you get involved, you will be targeted, so it will take extraordinary courage to do this… AND..nothing to lose if you do get targeted…I would hope that this does not come to a bad end for these people.

    The real key to change is to get Rep. Luke Malek and Senator Chuck Winder to have a change in heart and do this from inside the legislature. Start with CBD oils and go from there to whole plant medical…it will be a long while until recreational is legalized. This means that some sick and dying person will have to grovel and beg for relief and make such a public spectacle that these politicians will not be able ignore the plight and the need. It is a shame that it takes this level of pandering to human suffering as a necessary step in the opening up of the closed eyes of the politicians. Even if the petition was signed and passed by a vote of the people, the politicians in Idaho have established case history of ignoring popular initiatives that have been previously passed by the vote of the people. There is nothing to indicate that they would not ignore this one too.

    I wish the Idahoans luck…and that is I why, after 60 yrs of living there as a 4th gen, Idahoan, I also bought a home on the other side of the Snake river..Wash/Oregon are truly a pleasant peace of mind areas to be able to move to.. so silly..same sun, same river, same soils..different society all together…cross the river eastward into the land of repression, where every encounter with the LEO is/may be a potential problem if you enjoy a joint or need medical cannabis.

    Good Luck to New Approach…you will need it…

  3. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Idahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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