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Attend ‘The Party To End Marijuana Prohibition’


party to end marijuana prohibition oregonNovember 4, we have the opportunity to dismantle prohibition in Oregon by voting Yes on Measure 91. Polling shows that our opposition is only trailing by a few points. This is going to be a very close election and we need your help! It’s simple: if we raise enough money, we win. If we don’t, we won’t. So let’s win!

Do your part and help us win by joining us for a night of food, beer, wine and music at the Jupiter Hotel where we will be joined by special guest Congressmen Earl Blumenauer. This event is open to anyone 21 and over. Tickets are $100 and sponsorships are still available. Beer, wine and food will be provided to attendees. Ask yourself — do you want to wake up on November 5th knowing that you missed your opportunity to end prohibition? Do your part and join us for the party!

And, don’t forget! Oregon offers a once a year income tax credit of $100 per couple or $50 for individuals when you donate to a political campaign. Use your tax credit for Yes on 91 and buy your ticket today! Hope to see you there! RSVP @ http://voteyeson91.com/party-to-end-prohibition/

What: The Party To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon

When: Tuesday, October 14 at 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Jupiter Hotel 800 E Burnside St, Portland, Oregon 97214


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  1. I have been reading you on other sites Good stuff. I’m in WA, BS degree in Political Science UC Berkeley. Med marijuana patient, grower, activist. Pothead since I’m 15. I’m into reminding folks we have to stop the Feds War on us. Busted twice, 189 plants in my basement. Bad-ass attorney on retainer. I-502 is a mess. Liquor Control Board oversees legal pot industry – how ironic & moronic can it get in WA?

  2. This sounds like the party of the year. This is a really important party, even if you can’t make it donate to the campaign. From us in Michigan we say good luck. Hope you win

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