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Attend The San Antonio NORML Public Meeting


texas marijuana legalization dfw normlIf you are in the area, you should attend. Texas desperately needs reform:

Please join us this Thursday at Tilo’s Tex Mex to discuss the future goals of San Antonio NORML and the future of marijuana legalization in Texas. We are always searching for responsible leaders that have the passion to stay committed to our chapter and enjoy spending their time educating others about marijuana. Come and ask how you can be more involved with the operations of our city chapter and what community volunteer work might be right for you.

We arrive around 7pm, from 7pm to 8pm we encourge people to visit and eat or drink and get to know others who have joined the meeting.  We also have a variety of merchandise items such as t-shirts, buttons, books, stickers, educational materials, and brochures to sign up to become a member.

We are also encourging everyone to attend the Marijuana Policy Reform – Citizen Lobby Day on Wednesday of this week.  EVENT & CAR POOL INFO

Click here to sign up to attend the event


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  1. I can but speak for myself. But I am General in charge of the Facebook page ” The Marijuana Army” a small but growing number of people that are pleaged to speak out to others the truth about the war on Cannabis. I will be glad to pass on the infomation to our members of The Marijuana Army. Any info I recive. Please send to me Roy Perry or The Marijuana Army on Facebook.

  2. I think he was being facetious. We have all heard people talk about how the brain is fried on drugs, etc. We know now that it was propaganda. Gain some self respect is exactly what the marijuana industry needs. To continue to come out of the shadows and not be afraid to admit that you smoke weed, because chances are your neighbors do it too. I used to live in South Texas in the 90s and most everyone I knew smoked it. These were college professors that made a name for their university through muchas publicaciones of research. They obviously were not dumb shits. When I lived there, I bought my weed from one of the police officer’s son who lived down the street. Those guys were super cool. He still works for the force, definitely not a dumb guy. Anyone who ignores intellectual pursuit and calls people dumb shits for this cause is better off hanging with witch doctors and voodoo queens. Have a great day.

  3. Then don’t smoke it and mind your own business. Name calling is not necessary, neither is trolling a website just to stir up trouble.

  4. Remember the Alamo?… Na I forgot I’m too high to remember anything. Weed is for dumb shits! Gain some self respect. Go spurs go!

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