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Attend The Women Grow Portland Chapter Summer Social


women growLast night I attended my second Women Grow Portland chapter event. Both times I have attended the chapter’s events my mind has been blown. There are so many talented women in the Portland cannabis industry and beyond that it really warms up my heart just to know that they are out there doing big things. I met a lot of people last night for the first time, and they were so full of excitement. Some were already in the industry, while others were just exploring the idea. There were women of all ages and backgrounds, all at different points in their cannabis pursuits.

Every person that I met that was attending their first event in the cannabis world was very impressed by what they saw at Women Grow. I made sure to explain to them that the Portland Women Grow chapter is the fastest growing chapter in America, and it’s part of an organization that is unparalleled in the cannabis world right now. There are a lot of organizations that are all about profit, and/or all about promoting just one or two leaders of the organization. Women Grow promotes all of its members, and empowers them to take the cannabis industry by storm.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn Darby from Lifted last night, which is something I have been hoping to do for quite some time. I also met the CEO of Women Grow Jazmin Hupp. Her speech was one of the best ones I have heard in a long time, and expect an article about it hopefully later today. I met a very nice employee from a Portland dispensary named Panacea. She is so full of compassion for patients and full of enthusiasm for all things cannabis. My conversation with her was truly inspiring. If you are looking for a dispensary, make sure to check out Panacea. I consumed some Strawberry Satori from there the other day that is my favorite flower that I’ve consumed all year.

There is a wonderful opportunity to attend another one of their events one week from today (get tickets at this link, they will certainly sell out fast, so hurry up!). Below are more details. If you want to keep up on all things Women Grow Portland chapter related, make sure to text WGPDX to 420420 and you can sign up for their alerts:

Please join our Women Grow Portland Chapter for a summer social event!

This event is our first social event and will be done so in true summertime backyard barbeque fashion!  We will have barbeque catered in and self serve beer, wine, and water.

Dove Driver, a local Portland funk band, will be there playing music from 7-9 p.m.  Check out their amazingness here https://www.facebook.com/dovedriver?fref=ts

Also, Flower and Oil dispensary will be sponsoring a consumption tent!  There will be several different methods of cannabis consumption offered, and attendees may bring their own as well.

There will not be a formal programming portion of this event.  This event is designed for us to enjoy the beautiful Portland summer outdoors and get to know each other better.  21 and up only, please.  We hope to see you all there!!


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  1. I was blown away as well!!! This Women’s Grow Group exceeded all my expectations. This was my first time attending any cannabis industry event and I was not sure what to expect. I could not believe how many beautiful and highly intelligent women were there speaking there mind about the cannabis industry and how they are doing within there journey through this rapidly growing industry. It was crazy to see so many people speaking about the activism, the industry, marijuana itself and how everyone should be involved. My favorite part was when the national director of the Women’s Grow group gave her speech about the study that women will make up 90 plus percent of your family’s decision making as a doctor/ pharmacist to make sure they are taking care of the family’s health. She also expressed this event would be the last time you would see this amount of people attending this Women’s Grow group. She said each time this event has been put on, it has literally doubled in capacity. I would say this to be true, as I had met many people new to the industry and as far as Utah to come enjoy this event. I had a wonderful time meeting all these people and having the chance to understand the cannabis industry a little better. I cannot wait to attend the next show. Thank you Johnny Green for informing me about this amazing event.

  2. I just attended a Woman Grow Albuquerque chapter last night. It was a
    great networking event, but more than that they had guest speakers
    educating the audience about BHO and Co2 extractions as well as edibles
    and a new therapy model utilizing cannabis plant roots. It was a
    wonderful event. Two of our own NM producer/dispensaries were founding
    sponsor/members of Women Grow, and that makes me proud of our state,
    whom most of the cannabis world ignores, LOL.

    The event was
    planned well before the serious explosion in July at a Santa Fe
    Dispensary that critically injured 2 young men, one of whom is still
    fighting for his life. This Woman Grow event also served as a anodyne
    for the cannabis community here. We have all been grieving for these
    young men as well as the dispensary owners whom had their plants
    confiscated by the DEA, adding insult to the injury of a blown up
    business and two injured employees. And that’s the news from NM.

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