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August Is Your Last Chance To Start Growing Marijuana Outdoors


jorge cervantes outdoor marijuana garden time lapseHow to get  a pound of weed in the next 10 weeks

For marijuana growers in the northern hemisphere August is the last chance to start an outdoor grow. Autoflower marijuana seeds are special seeds that grow within 10 weeks from seed to mature plant despite the light schedule. August and September are often very sunny months so your plants get plenty of light to create some big fat quality buds

Regular marijuana plants grow when they get 18 hours of light (summer) and flower when they get 12 hours of light (fall). As the amount of light starts to decrease the plant understands that winter is coming and starts to produce buds and seeds to reproduce. Marijuana is an annual plant that does not survive the winter.

Autoflowering marijuana plants start flowering immediately and also grow for only a month. This gives you a nice sized plant that can produce some quality buds. Because they create little side branches you can easily put a lot of plants close together. 10 plants in 4 gallon pots on 10 ft2 can produce a pound of marijuana. In just 10 weeks!

Make sure you order your  autoflowering marijuana seeds and surprise yourself and your friends with some nice home grown marijuana in only ten weeks. Autoflowers are available in the strains Amnesia Haze, White Widow, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Blueberry and AK47. All beautiful Strains. This week we have a special offer on White Widow Feminized Autoflowers; all orders are doubled! So buy 10 seeds and get 20!

White Widow feminized autoflowers are one of the most popular strains because it is a very strong plant that is suitable for both beginners and advanced marijuana growers. The yields are always very high and of good quality. Also among medical users it is one of the most popular strains. The seeds will only produce female plants that will not focus on the creation of seeds for reproduction but only on the creation of THC.

For tips on how to grow autoflower marijuana seeds you have to download my free marijuana grow bible. Make sure to order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. Can I grow a autoflowering plant during the winter if I keep CFL or MH lights on 24 hours for heat?

  2. David Wakefield on

    My plant oh lush has been growing outside in my compost jeep from June and it’s now October it’s only just started to bid on the bottom of the plant and working its way up is that God or bad and will be be ready in time to harvest plz and thanks this is my first grow outside ever

  3. silverado you are very ignorant by saying this article is completley trash when you are looking at a very limited perspective. that of living in one of the most northern coldest states. those of use in the south can easily plant in august/september or even october/november and pinch out a last minute harvest.

  4. And you’d be going to prison too. You’re mistaking arrogance for confidence and I’m not from Seattle. Why are Texans so…different??

  5. Greetings from Greece!!!
    please, think of Greece as a ‘southern’ southern California.
    Well i have some news to share, some facts.
    Fact 1. marihuana plants are not annual, the live for years, till a point the buds are getting better and better, then u cant just kill the plant u shared 5 – 10 years with
    Fact 2. marihuana plants survive at the winter time, and actually u harvest twice a year

    Theory 1. i m crazy, i talk nonsense
    Theory 2. Someone is anxious to sell more seeds


  6. Ah, yeah true. I think clubs should all be totally honest and upfront about the source and grow, but I doubt that will happen soon lol. Like as for me, I’m very picky in that I demand organic, for personal and partly religious reasons, and they could lie about that and I might not know :( If I give away a sample I grew, I always write down if it was an auto, organic, and even the strain gene source (like from Sagarmatha or Dinafem or whatever), just because it seems like the right thing to do haha.

  7. IF I’m starting & planting any seeds in August I can guarantee that they will be for growing indoors for a Christmas crop AND they won’t be “autos”. My choices for outdoors were made many months ago. Following this article’s advice last year in the Seattle area would have netted you a BIG fat ZILCH as it was one of the wettest September’s on record. This year?? We don’t know that….yet. Anyway, 30+ years of growing both inside and out tells me that this is one of those….”fantasy pieces”. Kind of like Sasquatch in that it’s one of those things you hear a lot about but in the real world you’ll never actually see it. Oh I’m not saying it can’t be done successfully once and awhile. But knowing the weather in an area like this, along with some common sense, will get you better results than these “fantasy pieces” like this article that fails to even mention the weather angle one time. Sorry but I’ll stick with what really works…

  8. Its more about entourage effect than potency. I didn’t say the finished hybrid was a guaranteed headache, just that I’ve read that a pure ruderalis is. And as far as “you’d never know its auto”, yeah that’s the problem. When I go to a club and buy say, crappy SSH. I may not know WHY it’s crappy, there can be different reasons, but whether it’s overfeeding or a little ruderalis in the woodpile, I still got burnt! Thank you guys for being honest about the potency thing, though.

  9. There’s a practical reason for autos if you’re growing outdoors: they mature quickly. I planted three seeds the beginning of March and they were ready for harvest by the middle of May. I planted three non-autos the first of April and they’ve only just began to flower; anticipated harvest in September. So 2 1/2 months versus 6. Of course, they’re less potent than I’d like and they don’t produce much. I would suggest autos for an early harvest and something to keep you going until the better stuff is available. Of course, indoor growing is a different game as are geographical considerations.

  10. That is just as ridiculous as telling everyone not to buy automatic transmission cars! I like driving stick, and sometimes I like automatic. I’ve seen, smelled, smoked, and grown perfectly “bomb” auto Cannabis and you would never know it was an autoflower if I didn’t tell you. Lab tests have proven strong autos. See some of the newest XXL lines from Dinafem. It’s really obvious that you haven’t experimented with the good auto genes, they don’t give you a headache LMAO! Some are even higher in CBD, so if anything it could have more medical use to a particular group of patients. Actually autos can prevent many headaches that newbie growers can face during the first few grows. Yes, maybe they won’t make 25% THC like a perfectly grown Super Silver Haze or pure sativa regulars yet, for example, but plenty of growers are happy with 15-20% auto and a couple extra points of CBD :) For breeding, cloning, and seeds, yeah autos are almost useless hah. But they are useful for private personal grows :)

  11. please.. for the sake of worldwide cannabis quality..DON’T use/order autoflower seeds! Start some old-school bag seed instead,order the ORIGINAL(non-auto,non fem) strains, or buy cuttings. It is almost September, with nice warm 12 hour days that will flower ANY cannabis. Auto seeds are made by crossing C.ruderalis into the genes of an otherwise bomb strain. Ruderalis is not medicine!!! Even really old books know this. Some ruderalis may contain moderate thc, but from what ive read, the effect is more headache than high! Not the genes I am wanting to be in my medicine.

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