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Aurora Recreational Marijuana Stores In CO Prepare For Extra Tax Burden

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In November, the City of Aurora in Colorado voted to approve a local marijuana tax. The tax is in addition to other state taxes that were already in place. The additional tax is going to pinch recreational marijuana stores in Colorado, which could result in less sales, which will in the end result in less overall tax revenue generated by the businesses. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Cannabis shops in Colorado’s third-largest city face higher tax rates heading into the new year, which some business owners say will drive up the price of legal cannabis well above rates on the black market.

As of Jan. 1, recreational marijuana stores in Aurora will be required to pay a 5% excise tax and a 2% sales levy, in addition to state taxes, according to The Denver Channel. The additional taxes will raise revenues for the city by an estimated $2.4 million a year.

I like the campaign slogan of ‘tax and regulate.’ However, I don’t want that to morph into ‘tax to death and regulate.’ In order for a legal recreational market to thrive, taxes have to be balanced so that they aren’t too over burdensome to businesses. Consumers are willing to pay a little more for legal marijuana, but they aren’t going to be so willing if prices at stores are multiple times more expensive compared to the blackmarket.


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  1. These outrageous taxes show the TRUE COLORS of our POLITICIANS no matter what party. Those subhumans would tax whipping your ass if they could.

  2. Wow – Dude wake up and quit showing your stupidity with your dumb ass republican statement – Democrat’s are big assholes too (as your statement proves). Dumass (which I named you) open your eyes both sides over tax and over spend on useless shit – these politicians don’t F’-ing care about Rep/Dem, Red/Blue they are all from High inner societies like Skull n Bones, Seven Society, Pitts club, The ‘Flat Hat Club’ , Quill and Dagger, Wolf’s Head to name a few. Don’t play into these peoples hands of control by buying in on one side or another that’s what they want! Dumass – that bitch Hilary would become a republican tomorrow if it promised her the presidency – hell she already feels screwed by Obama and now Bernie – she’s so scared this is her last chance to get what she feels is rightfully her”s and I think she would even play out the Quentin Tarantino movie – “Kill Bill” to become president.

  3. Most government run services like education and medical are being replaced by the internet and apps along with other plastic ways of 1950. Brick and mortar services are a thing of the folk ways.

  4. It’s believed that writing began in Mesopotamia as a way for early farmers/trader’s to have a permanent/easier way of recording their inventories of livestock, oil, grains, etc. Death and Taxes the old saying goes……

  5. Running the IRS is one of the biggest wastes of money in the USA…….Should have been shut down after WW2………When are they going to spend more of the tax payers money on another Star Trek set ?……What a bunch of Jjjerkoffs And make sure you vote for another Republican Asssshole !

  6. There is already a coalition that wants to keep cannabis illegal: It’s called Project SAM and it’s run by misanthropes like Kevin Sabet and that Kennedy punk. A fine, even it’s only $100 or less in California is still extortion. Neither excessive regulation and overtaxation or “keep it illegal” are satisfactory solutions. Let’s form a coalition to deschedule cannabis and regulate it like coffee, parsley sage, rosemary and thyme. Let’s form a coalition that let’s people buy, trade and give away cannabis at the farmer’s market, or at the green garden nursery. Let’s form a coalition that uses cannabis as a currency alternative to the US Dollar. Let’s form a coalition that allows you to grow in your own back yard or garden area. I invite you to join, Buck, and everyone else too! Prohibition is a crime against humanity, let’s end it together, you and me and everybody!

  7. Ever notice how Cali. has a Spanish-speaking workforce? And how that little law about not hiring illegal immigrants is NEVER enforced? Secure borders is a joke in this country. Canadian border? A 3ft ditch. You can hop across or drive across on some sturdy planks.

  8. I have a relative with the IRS in WA state who is angry the state gave control of cannabis to the Alcohol Board since “those idiots know nothing about making money so they’re over-taxing it straight back to the streets which will generate far less tax revenues than if the IRS was given control.” He went on to explain the IRS is run like a business and “We at the IRS know how to make money – too much taxation is contrary to common sense. If we want to increase tax revenues with cannabis common sense has to apply. We would generate much more tax revenues with more reasonable taxation which doesn’t send consumers back to the streets because of stupidly high taxes.” Yes, my relative has been known to imbibe so he’s likely hipper than most at his “company.”

  9. Secure borders is a joke? Has the US come under attack by a foreign power? That must count for something.

  10. Why not form a coalition to keep cannabis ILLEGAL. It’s obvious many cities/states see legalization as a tax bonanza to the point that there is little to no benefit in legalization – for average consumers. Right now in CA the worst that happens to the average consumer who gets popped with an oz or less is a $100 fine & most cops don’t even bother writing tickets. Cannabis has become much less expensive on the street than in med mj clubs and taxes will likely increase once full legalization occurs. It appears our taxation justification for legalization definitely IS getting the attention of politicians who may end up taxing it to the point where only those who can’t find an alternative source will use legal cannabis outlets.

  11. Robert Dewayne King on

    You are obviously not a farmer ! If the producer (farmer) cant make sufficient profit to stay in business , he folds ! If greedy ass political fools keep pileing on the taxes the producer can only go so low before he goes bust ! Good weed aint cheap to grow and these thick headed porkers aint helping !!

  12. The problem has as
    much to do with greed . Once the states realize just how much tax revenue can be raised they no longer care.

  13. If a 5% tax brings the legal price on par with the black market price, perhaps the legal price is too high. Just drop the price.

  14. In Business 101, yes, prices would go down as supply increased. But we are talking about government and taxes. Government never gives back what it has taken from the people. Once people show they are willing to pay the taxes there is no incentive to lower taxes accordingly. This is why the black market will always thrive. The only way to fight it is not to purchase it and pay the taxes. Make them feel the loss of revenue they are counting on.

  15. There are plenty of black market suppliers that are actually conscientious about the product they produce in regards to quality (good product = more customers). More and higher taxes means more business for “black market”.
    Stupid me, I thought one of the big reasons for “legalization” was to undercut illegal sales. Ah well, live and learn.

  16. It seemed like once more licenses for cultivation happened, the price would go down. I know those waits that the other cities had will be up soon. I am glad we are in year two of cannabis sales.

  17. Secure borders? Is that a joke.

    My point was to make government as small as possible. Fewer taxes – fewer excuses to kill citizens.

    No more taxed than tomatoes.

  18. How can you ever justify taxes. I mean, everything we see around us. like clean drinking water, roads, fire protection, secure borders, public health, parks, education, all of it is just happening for free. You have to wonder where all the taxes that were collected by Obama went. I think he is a trillionaire.

  19. What’s the justification for higher taxes when refunds had to be given in some cases and social costs aren’t magically appearing out of nowhere?

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