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Australia Political Party Calls For The National Legalization Of Cannabis


australia marijuana legalization hemp partyCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A political party in Australia called HEMP – an acronym for Help End Marijuana Prohibition – has officially launched its 2013 election campaign by fielding 12 Senate candidates across 6 states, and calling for the national legalization of cannabis.

“America has given us huge encouragement,” says Michael Balderstone, President of HEMP, “Half of America now has access to medical cannabis and now they’ve started to get new regulations for recreational cannabis. So, you now, the wall is down there and no big deal, the place hasn’t gone crazy.”

In Australia the production of industrial hemp is legal, but cannabis – whether for medicinal or recreational purposes – is not. HEMP is calling for legalization for all adults, something which they believe will end the criminality associated with the black-market.

You can learn more by visiting HEMP’s website, which you can do by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. nygratefulfred on

    Lets hope the Legalization movement comes here to NY where I Live-meanwhile in Australia………..

  2. 21st Century Cynic on

    It’s an example of a worldwide shift to a fairer and better place to live and bring up the next generation. There are growing movements in the UK, Ireland, and throughout the world… in every country, we need to stand up and make out voices heard, and the best way to do that in the realm of the legislative reality we currently have is to get political… we need to lay the game on the man’s terms… we need our people elected to office, to start the conversation… we need our people on prime time TV and radio, talking to the masses… only through education and continued action in the public space will the day come when we can utilise the plant for all that it is… Industrial, medical and recreational – we have many good people who fight this fight, and have done for years, some even still incarcerated for their beliefs… support them in whatever way you can – money, time, and brotherly love. We will prevail, the world will change, and the next generation will wonder what all the fuss was about… let us write the history we want!

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