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Australian State Set To Outlaw Bong Sales


Large Zong BongThe sale of bongs will be banned in Victoria from next year under new laws to hinder cannabis use.

Marijuana smokers in Victoria, Australia’s most densely populated state, might have a hard time buying a bong if a proposed law is approved, according to 9News.

Starting January 1, 2012, it will be illegal to display and sell bongs, bong components and even bong kits, Mental Health Minister Mary Wooldridge said.

chong bongShe claimed the reason for the crack down was that cannabis use is “associated with the increased risk of developing mental illness.”

Wooldridge said the legislation to be introduced into state parliament this week adding she does not expect the opposition party to support the ban.

“We hope that Labor will support this legislation, but they haven’t been consistent on this in the past,” she said.

“The changes being introduced into parliament will bring Victoria’s position on cannabis smoking paraphernalia in line with other states, which all have some restrictions in place,” Ms Wooldridge said.

Almost a third of Victorians over 14 say they have used cannabis.

Police will also enforce restrictions on the display of traditional hookahs, or water pipes, that look similar to bongs and are used to smoke tobacco.

It is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell cannabis in Australia, but penalties differ for each state or territory. In the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory there are differing degrees of decriminalization for minor offenses. In New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland the possession of cannabis is considered a criminal offense.


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  2. why is cannabis still illegal..I cant beleive this place (Australia) is moving backwards when it comes to Cannabis prohabition and education ..The lucky contry hey…lucky if we can do a shit without having to pay a fine ..Hydro shops and Head shops are the only way our government gets any tax from the local cannabis industry .and they think banning it is a good idea. FOOL’S..us Aussies aint that stupid they think we gonna be fooled by clever wording “associated with the increased risk of developing mental illness.CAN THEY SHOW US THE PROOF OF THAT .???…AND NOT SOME REEFER MADNESS TYPE OF DOCUMENTERY ..i bet they cant…………..Yes i agree keep them (water pipes/bongs)out of childrens veiw .but the best way to do that is legalize and regulate the sale of the offending products .not send the trade of them deeper under-ground and further from thair controle.UNTIL ITS BEEN USED FOR SOMTHING ILLEGAL.IT SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL..A BIT LIKE A GUN.(exept bongs dont kill people)KIDS CANT BUY THEM. BUT THEY ARE NOT ILLEGAL UNLESS YOU DO OR HAVE DONE SOMTHING CRIMINAL WITH IT.OR IF ITS NOT BROUGHT AN LICENCED THROUGH THE PROPPER CHANNELS..i could go on for ever about this topic but ill leave it there for now PEACE 42o-24/7

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