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Banana OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Banana OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

A cross of OG and Banana, this Indica dominant strain has an earthy, fruity bouquet and great for pain relief with sedation. Banana OG is a High CBD strain with heavy medical effects. This strain is an excellent treatment for insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, digestive disorders, ADHD, MS and anxiety. Some of the effects experienced include heavy body relaxation and sedation.

“Nanners! Such an awesome strain, it tastes just like bananas! I’ve blind taste tested it with 4 of my homies and each one said bananas lol. Super strong hitting, maybe like 2 bowls passed around 3 heads and were good for a few hours. Looks amazing with shiny ass crystals everywhere.” – Swoosh420

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banana og marijuana strain


banana og marijuana strain


banana og marijuana strain


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