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Barcelona Closes One Third Of Its Cannabis Clubs

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(via business week)

I have had many friends visit Barcelona, Spain, and they always comment on how marijuana friendly it is. The marijuana is top quality, affordable, and isn’t hard to find from what people tell me. I have never been there before, but I plan on making a trip there someday. Barcelona has had a growing reputation as a top marijuana tourism destination in Europe. It sounds like that reputation isn’t sitting well with government officials. Per Forbes:

After conducting inspections of 145 of the fast-growing cannabis clubs, city officials announced “deficiencies” in management of almost 50 of them, including the illegal sale of cannabis, attempting to attract non-members to their premises, poor ventilation and problems for the neighborhoods where they’re located.

Alerted by an article in the New York Times, Barcelona’s government decided to take on the city’s growing international reputation as a haven for weed smokers.

According to media reports, there are over 700 cannabis clubs across Spain. I think it’s better to have marijuana sales and activity being funneled through the clubs, rather than in dark alleys and on street corners. As a possible tourist to Spain, I plan on trying to acquire marijuana while I’m there. I feel much safer visiting a brick and mortar establishment than tracking down the local drug dealer who may or may not rob me.


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  1. I have good reason to believe that The 50 or so Clubs that were Closed were unlicensed and also failed to meet the Health & Safety Regs,Required This is Europe and The E.U. Are mad about there H&S rules But saying that there are 700 clubs more” than you will find in the U.K. Yes Barcelona is a wonderful City To Visit Or Live, But I think you will find it’s more down to illegal street dealing Around the Clubs and Complaints from the local Citizens Living near the Clubs.


  2. Barcelona was such a lovely city when I was there. No cannabis clubs then, but such a great place for many reasons. Cannabis clubs just make a good place even better. I hope they stay.

  3. The public should conduct inspections of city officials for “deficiencies” in their offices and policies and find the real criminals and leave cannabis, that hurts no one alone

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