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Batman Kush Marijuana Strain Pictures


Batman Kush Marijuana Strain

All of my friends with attest that I am a HUGE Batman fan. I own a ‘studio quality’ batman mask that I used to wear when pizza delivery guys would come over, and I’d invite them in for a bong hit with Batman. What can I say, I’m a nerd. I’ve always thought of myself as the ‘Batman’ of marijuana, although I’m willing to share that title with all other Batman/marijuana fans out there. I would never try to keep something so nerdy cool all to myself :) With no further delay, below are pictures of the Batman Kush strain from our friends at WeedPhotos.Com:

batman kush marijuana strain

batman kush marijuana strain


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  1. Captain chronic on

    Bud shipped from cali via usps have all common strains indoor grown organic hybrid. Have exclusives like skywalker and redwood kush which is 30$ a g
    All common strains same price.
    Oz250. Qp800. Hp 1800. Fp 2700 shipped discreetly vacuumed sealed twice bags no signature required. Serious only.

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    Redwood kush is the 2nd n 4th pic. It’s grown inside redwood trees naturally.
    On Jul 13, 2013, at 1:17 PM, Jason <

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