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Be Proud That You Are A Marijuana Consumer


cannalope haze marijuana strainBy John Knetemann

I come to you readers asking for a favor. I know it is a lot to ask, but it is incredibly important for you to do this. I imagine that a majority of those that read The Weed Blog also smoke marijuana, regularly or every once in a while. With that in mind if you smoke marijuana, I ask that you don’t be afraid to be public about it or at least tell those that are important to you. Tell your friends and family! Maybe refrain from telling your boss, but someday… maybe someday.

For some of you, this is a no-brainer and you probably already do this. But for others, this can be pretty frightening. If you think that your life will come crumbling down if you reveal this truth, then don’t do it! There is no reason to put yourself in a self-destructive situation. But if it means just having an uncomfortable sit down with your parents or an awkward experience with some of your friends, go for it. It is important for you to be open about it. It is important for your friends and family to see someone open about it. And it is important for ending prohibition to be open about it.

A lot of the time, people don’t realize they know someone who smokes marijuana. Sometimes they don’t realize that a stoner is right under their nose, and this exposure might be life changing for them. Some people have preconceived notions of what a marijuana user looks like and acts like, whether it be because of the media or their parents. Sometimes they don’t realize that a marijuana user looks just like them (imagine that).

However, when you open up yourself to a friend or family member, you have just put a face to an abstract group of people. Instead of “drug users” being victimized by the Drug War, it’s their buddy Joe being victimized by the Drug War. At any point Joe could be taken off to prison, for something that clearly is not all that negative in his life. After all, Joe is a respectable guy who has a family and grills a mean steak. Or it could be Sarah who is amazing at her job. Or possibly, it could be their son or daughter who loves them.

The point is that after that point, the Drug War becomes a real thing to them. It is no longer this thing that is just spoke about on the news or during elections. Instead, it is an issue that affects them very directly. They may have supported sending “pot smokers” to prison before, but will they support sending Joe, Sarah, or their son to prison? I hope not.


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  1. Here’s a larger one, just think, cosmic rays can be seen with this set up, and i’ve heard that those rays pass through all things, so i suppose they even go through earth from the other side and travel through us all the time and we do not even see them, well, this type of thing will reveal just what kind of activity is going on where we happen to be on this globe, and it can be used to make sure that the herb we toke has no radiation in it, who knows, maybe some strains have been grown in conditions high in some sort of radioactive cantaminated area, well, this set up would confirm it or prove it is safe, wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure that the throat burning stuff is safe especially


  2. Fascinating stuff nature, and cloud chambers too



    Really though, it seems like a good idea to me to test all foods we consume, and the weed we toke with a cloud chamber, besides, it seems it would be more fascinating to watch the cosmic rays pass through it than a lava lamp

    So I am going to order some tec thermo electric cooler chips from ebay and make me one, maybe it will sell too will see, i heard that bananas have natural occurring radioactivity


  3. I don’t know what this says about me, but I have always been pegged as a stoner, even by people who don’t know me well enough to know that I smoked for 26 years, gave it up for 16 years, and started up again when I needed it as medicine, and when it no longer mattered to me what people think. I don’t hide the fact that I use it from anyone, but I only really put myself out there on a one-on-one basis. I wear “safe” marijuana clothing, like Blue Dream t-shirts and the such. People ask what that is, (the shirt) – so I tell them, and offer up as much information as they want, and probably a little bit more. I have a reputation now at the Rehab pool I frequent 2 or 3 times each week, and the talk of medical marijuana has become quite mainstream there now. Three other pool participants have signed up with the NMMCP. If someone new expresses an interest, they all know to send them to Sarah, and they do. This wasn’t the case when I first started going there three years ago, when many people there thought it was an evil drug, so pardon me while I pat myself on the back and say,”job well done”.

    This is a passion for me now, and the blog I write for newcomers to weed has made me lots of friends all over the country. I am no superstar, far from it, but I take every opportunity I can to spread the word, and it’s a personal word for each individual. They deserve that. Some just need to know that the government has been lying to them for most of their lives, (and this job is getting easier every day, LOL). Some need to know that pot smokers are everywhere, from all walks of life, raise their kids and hold good jobs just like anyone else, and that they probably already know at least a handful of people who partake.

    I understand no one wants to loose their jobs, or kids. Believe me, I know. But be bold when you can. We have no idea how much influence we, as individuals, can have. You could very well be the breakthrough person for someone, so go for it whenever you have the chance.

  4. I have been open about my cannabis use for years, even though I don’t live in a legal state and I have discovered that the loser image the goverment propaganda paints is simply not true. People will have to get past the fear to get this job done. Prohibition has done as much damage as it should be allowed. Why anyone would still support it is beyond my level of comprehension.

  5. I have M.S. and have been prescribed endless amounts of prescriptions for fatigue, pain, anxiety…I will not take much due to the side effects and basically that my quality of life would be non-existint because I’d be in bed,,,forever a zombie. So I kind of just accepted that any relief was not possible without hurting my health more by taking drugs intended to help. Then there is a natural, amazing plant that none of the doctors ever mentioned that may help. Cannabis gave me back hope that maybe I can help some symptoms with the scary side effects of giddyness, hunger, dry mouth…realllly? I’ll risk it. Medical marijuana has given me back the thought of a future that I gave up on. It may not take the pain completely away all the time but it does more for me than narcotics ever did and allows me to deal with it calmly when iis overwhelming. I can funtion on weed, not so much on morphine or pills that don’t help anyway. At all. I now have a life thats quality is improving with every hit.

  6. It would be nice to know why a comment I made here yesterday has been classified as “pending.” If you could direct me to the offensive words in said post, then I would know not to use them at this website in the future.

  7. At first, I was nervous about wearing my marijuana t-shirts out in public. But I’ve worn them to places like Walmart and Walgreens here in New Mexico, and nobody pays me any mind. But then, that’s New Mexico. :)

    I particularly like the irony of buying Claritan-D at the Walgreens pharmacy counter while wearing my marijuana shirt, since I used to spend a lot of money there on prescription drugs. I also enjoyed the irony of visiting a particular dispensary that was next to a Walgreens (and the inevitable CVS).

    Sure, it’s a little thing — showing my support of cannabis by wearing a leaf t-shirt in public. But then, I’ve been told that I look like a schoolteacher, which is a rather nonthreatening and safe look for marijuana, so there is that…

  8. the mayor here in bloomington will not talk to me, but his assistant did give me a new pair of shoes
    i wore them out in the platte river scrapping hundreds of pounds of metal this summer, and the weed in denver fought off any negative blues
    met a lot of nice folk there too, and intend to go back
    but have to stay for a year here “indiana” , due to the evil money that i lack lol
    something will work out, it always does
    with the nifty herb, and a prayer, God willing, i see a bright future for all of us, just because:-)

  9. A few years ago my position was outsourced and I was let go. I reapplied for another position within the company and was hired but had to go through all the hiring processes again including drug testing. I had worked there for almost 12 years and consumed periodically without incident the entire time. I was know as the guy who worked his ass off and did what was required to get the job done but also had a rep as an outspoken asshole *shrug*.The person doing the drug testing was our security officer who also was a county sheriff. We had been very good friends for the last 10 years but he had no clue I smoked, of course.
    Long story short, he tested me (I had smoke, a lot, over the holidays so was positive as heck) and upon seeing the results gave me a glare that could have melted titanium…….and told me I passed…..I think the look on my face said it all. I worked there for several more years and we remained friends although we never spoke of the test results or cannabis. I was surprised he let it go because he was a hard ass at work and on the street. I would like to think that his image of a “stoner” changed that day but who knows.
    I really look forward to being free to consume without prejudice but am fairly certain that I will have to more further northwest to ever have that chance in my lifetime.

  10. I have written letters to state and federal legislators, including posting frequently and openly to our current governor’s FB page, I tell everyone we feel can handle the information and some who we thought couldn’t, but did, and I have spoken openly in front of a legislative body at our state house here in Concord, NH to advocate for legalization – I am still nervous about smoking openly, but am quickly developing more and more bravado – One day soon – One day soon

  11. I have been and will be up front with my family. True that with the boss………..thus the moniker.

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