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Bernie Sanders To Clinton – Serious Criminal Justice Reform Must Include Ending Marijuana Prohibition


colorado jail marijuanaCriminal justice reform is a very popular topic these days in politics. There are many politicians out there that now act like they invented the idea of reforming America’s criminal justice system, even though they were nowhere to be found on the issue in years past. But, even though they are late to the party, at least they have finally arrived at the party, so I welcome them.

But not all criminal justice reform positions are created equal. Take for instance Hillary Clinton’s stance on criminal justice reform – she claims to wholeheartedly support criminal justice reform, but does not support an end to marijuana prohibition. She does kind-of sort-of support letting states legalize marijuana depending one the day of the week and who’s asking the question (as shown by her answer at the first Democrat debate versus her comments the following day during an interview). But that doesn’t go far enough. You can’t fix America’s criminal justice system without addressing one of the biggest problems that is contributing to the system’s problems – federal marijuana prohibition.

That was the message Bernie Sanders put out yesterday in a press release, which is pasted below (thanks to Tom Angell for tweeting about this press release):

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday issued the following statement on eliminating sentencing disparities between crack cocaine and for crimes involving powder cocaine:

“Secretary Clinton is right. We must eliminate sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine. That is why I have repeatedly voted in favor of addressing this disparity.

“When we talk about criminal justice reform, we also need to understand that millions of people have been arrested for using marijuana. We must recognize that blacks are four times more likely than whites to get arrested for marijuana possession, even though the same proportion of blacks and whites use marijuana. Any serious criminal justice reform must include removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.

“Further, real criminal justice reform must have the United States join every other major democracy in eliminating the death penalty.”


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  1. Cool for most of what was said but we can’t give the death sentence a death sentence. To expensive keeping those dirtbags alive. Keep death penalty and let God or what ever you believe in sort it out. If your soul was good and you just so happened to rape and kill a little kid, the higher power will recognize that. After you have been felt with here. I imagine.

  2. Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. It has been mankinds companion from the beginning. Any law against it is a crime against humanity.

  3. Another lost soul on

    A whole lot of scientist are now referring to it as vitamin F. Makes sense, no matter how one consumes marijuana or why, they are only helping themselves

  4. Another lost soul on

    I really hope he wins. He’s the only person that actually has stood firm on his positions and I think it would really help Mexico. Mexico has some amazing tourist attractions and its sad that those cartels have taken over everything making it damn near impossible to travel there. One thing for sure is gotta eliminate Trump period point blank. I hope things get better there for your county and your people. God bless

  5. It is as IMMORAL to deny Medical Marijuana to Americans with Cancer, or American Children with Seizure disorders, or to American Veterans with PTSD, or to Americans in Chronic Pain, as it would be to deny Antibiotics to Americans with life-threatening infections or Anti-retrovirals to Americans who are HIV+.
    It is IMMORAL to deny American Physicians anywhere in any of the 50 states the right to prescribe Medical Marijuana to their patients or deny American patients anywhere in America who need Medical Marijuana to have safe, legal, access to it.
    It is one of the most important MORAL issues of our time.

  6. Closet Warrior on

    You’re right truth, I’m just really baked on some Mr Nice and kinda was brainstorming out loud and stuck my foot in my mouth. I have looked towards its healing properties whether it be for the body or the mind. My cure all. Just really pissed it’s not accessible for everyone. I am very passionate bout my fellow patient but I will admit it if I am wrong and you busted me out. We are all patients. That’s good though, never let’em catch us ya slipping-you just might get called out.lol

  7. A reply to Burnie’s facebook post: Jonathan Mora Alemán i’m mexican, living in mexico, have been just once in the States. I have no real reason to be interested in your campaign because I won’t be directly affected by the result, but i’m fully convinced you’re the best option for both countries. Please win. We’re dying down here because of this war on drugs..

  8. There’s no such thing as recreational. People use mj because it makes them feel better. Cannabis should be more than legal… it should be promoted for the wellness it can provide.

  9. I really like what Burnie has been saying these last few weeks and he may have won my vote if he keeps it up. I see his post on this on his facebook page… 16000 likes on this one post. Pretty good!

  10. Closet Warrior on

    MMJ all the way-recreational is conversational. Let’s worry about getting MMJ in all states as to be fair and compassionate to needful patients. Then, go from there. I’m not against anyone’s rights to do what their state regulates but needs before wants folks.

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