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Bernie Sanders Says He Would Vote ‘Yes’ To Nevada Marijuana Legalization At Presidential Debate


Bernie Sanders Expresses Support For Marijuana Legalization, While Hillary Clinton Punts On The Issue

If my social media feeds are any indication, there are a lot of people watching the 2016 Presidential debate for the Democrats on CNN right now. Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders how he would vote on the marijuana legalization initiative in Nevada, and Bernie Sanders had the following to say, via Twitter:

Hillary Clinton was asked how she felt about marijuana legalization. Specifically she was asked about her comments that we need to wait to see how things work out at the state level, and that there has been over two years to look at. Anderson Cooper asked her if she wanted to take a position on the issue, and as many predicted, she chose to punt on the issue and say that we need to wait more time before we jump to any conclusions. She said that she supports medical marijuana, but even then, that there needs to be more research done. She did express support for decriminalization, but by that point, it was hard to know if she actually felt that way or just wanted to be done with the question. Below are some reactions from Twitter:


What do TWB readers think about the answers provided at the debates? I was disappointed that all of the candidates weren’t asked about marijuana policy, and that it seemed kind of like a last minute addition to the debate than the time the topic truly deserved. With that being said, it’s still refreshing and encouraging to see marijuana policy covered at all, because it wasn’t that long ago that having a marijuana policy question asked on that level of a stage seemed like a far fetched hope. That’s a fantastic thing.

Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority had the following to say about the debate:

“This is the first time we’ve seen a major candidate for president say he’d probably vote for legalizing marijuana if given the chance. That says a lot about how far the politics on this issue have shifted in a very short amount of time. As a point of reference, in 2008 no major candidate even supported decriminalization when asked in a debate, and our movement had to chase them around New Hampshire and repeatedly harass them just to garner pledges to stop federal raids on state-legal medical marijuana patients. Legalization is at the forefront of mainstream American politics, and politicians are starting to treat it as such.”


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  1. He’s done more than any president ever, and Denny is flat out lying because that’s what he does. And every time I call him out on it, he disappears.

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    Obama did say he wanted policies based on science, he hasn’t delivered when it comes to medicinal marijuana.

  3. ” the candidates must make sense on all things you agree with”

    The odds of you finding a candidate with whom you agree on EVERYTHING are darn near nill. You have to prioritize if you’re not a one issue voter.

    “There is no way I would vote for someone that is just saying shit to get votes, they have to prove it with years of holding the same position.”

    Sander has hardly changed any of his positions in 40 years. When he was mayor of Burlington in the 70’s, he decriminalized while everyone else was criminalizing.

    “They are all a bunch of finely tuned liars.”

    Not all of them. Do some research. Sanders has been consistent and truthful his whole career. He doesn’t take big SuperPac money so he’s not beholden to any special interests. 99% of his donation are under $250.

    “WE THE PEOPLE shall make legalization happen WITHOUT EVEN ASKING a single politician.”

    The way we do that is to elect representatives who will do what we want. The more people we elect who support legalization or at least rescheduling, the better chance we have at change.

    “We the people shall make the changes through ballot initiatives”

    There are many states, including mine, where we don’t have ballot initiatives.

    ” who ever is in the white house doesn’t matter.”

    Chris Christie said he would send federal agents to states that have legalized and start busting people, since marijuana is still illegal under federal law. So, you don’t think President Christie would be a problem?

  4. I doubt he’ll be elected. But the thing is, even if he isn’t, if enough of us vote for him in the primaries, he could wind up with some delegates, and he could force the party platform, and it’s nominee, to the left on this issue.

  5. “the current one in office who said he’d reschedule it”

    Why do you have so much trouble with the truth? Oh, wait… I know. Because you’re a Republican. This whole liberals doing what you wish your Precious Republicans would do must really burn, eh Denny?

    Here’s the most this President ever said on rescheduling, and if you’d have been paying attention, you’d know that this is basically the same thing he’s been saying all along: he wants congress to do it.

    > “We may be able to make some progress on the decriminalization side,” Obama said. “At a certain point, if enough states end up decriminalizing, then Congress may reschedule marijuana.”


  6. Lynnette Poole on

    Someone needs to force these politicians to do their job and legalize at a federal level so we can stop hiding and sneaking like a bunch of criminals just to make ourselves well. Making marijuana illegal goes against our constitutional rights to pursue happiness. I’m tired of being treated as a criminal just because I want to feel well. They have plenty of years of research and need to just get it done already.

  7. Lawrence Goodwin on

    You can instead choose the healthier method of chewing on raw coca leaves, like the farmers and mountaineers of Latin America have for centuries. Growing cannabis, coca and opium poppy all should be made legal by tomorrow, according to the honorable women and men of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (www.leap.cc). “Drug abuse is bad. The Drug War is worse,” was once their motto.

  8. He just needs to get a good Reefer Madness speech.

    When he “finds out” it is about the same thing- prohibition being used to suppress the “lower classes” and all

  9. Denny hasn’t learned yet that Bernie is totally the “Devil You Know” candidate while all others are not.

    You know…with the long standing, consistent record and all

  10. But he will tax Cannabis….what of that?

    Most of the hard line legalizers are anti-tax anti-gubmint types

  11. Actually they can. They’ve shown that simply being better looking will get you more votes.

  12. The less “political correctness” matters…the closer onerous loudmouths like myself get to office.

    Oh, yes. The day when I can call an entire group of people morons or liars for their policy decisions and still get elected…Yes

  13. Meds do need the research to reach USP status.

    But for legalization to get high for fun…no research needed

  14. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thank you, Lynnette! I send you a virtual hug for being so precise. :) The politicians’ indifference to this issue and lack of urgency, after a full 78 YEARS of Reefer Madness hysteria, really makes the blood boil. We must demand the immediate removal of the fraudulent word “marihuana” from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act. There has been plenty of cannabis research, and the legal cannabis economy shows limitless promise for our whole nation. The raw materials of cannabis as a whole should be regulated, not “controlled,” substances.

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    He had already said he would have more to say on this subject. This is just the beginning of what he’ll be saying. I’m pleased so far.

  16. saynotohypocrisy on

    “We the people shall make the changes through ballot initiatives”.

    Only where that option exists. Go to iandrinstitute.org for a map showing what each state allows.
    Looking at the map, I expect Missouri to legalize before New York and Pennsylvania, and wouldn’t be surprised if Oklahoma and Mississippi do too.

  17. Bernie is more concerned with the little people getting fucked over, and over… He wants to expand SS and Medicare and make the rich fuckers pay their fair tax like WE ALL DO. Weed is going to be legal in a few more states and that’s about all the help Bernie will need if elected.

  18. It all sounded great to me. Hillary says “more research” which is bologna yes but research is a win for us. The biggest disappointment is that we didn’t get to hear from all the candidates on the issue. I would have loved to hear from O’Malley. He should have spoke up.

  19. I do not trust Hillary. Her answers were polished while Bernie looked genuine. It was great that they were asked about their stance in legalizing marijuana. If anyone changes their stance on topics more than the other candidates it’s Hillary.

  20. I can agree with Tony ( below ) don’t vote for a president just because he for legalization. Vote for the person who will cover all or most of the issues that are plaguing our country. Pick who you believe and trust. I think Bernie covered a lot of issues last night. He also didn’t try to not to answer any questions and had on point answers. Good luck Bernie Sanders

  21. Burn one with Bernie.
    Heres what happened with Gary ” I dont know how to run a campaign Johnson. Every single person said,puffing out thier chests ,vote for gary ,vote for Gary.
    Well millions said was they would vote for him. Well guess what sure as shit

  22. you’re right they have plenty of research but they only listen to the dea and they test there home grown marijuana they should listen to all the scientific facts not just their own

  23. When it comes to meaningful change, politicians are always lagging behind public opinion. It’s a necessity of their profession to weigh their words carefully, and avoid controversy. We the voters must make our voices heard so that they won’t have to grow a set of balls, and speak with their own voices. Email your favorite candidate, and let them know that it’s ok to come into the 21st century, and end prohibition. Don’t wait for any of those pussies to stand up on their own. Pet them gently, and let them know it’s safe to come out into the light.

  24. You can’t vote for a candidate just because you agree with them on ONE thing, the candidates must make sense on all things you agree with.

    There is no way I would vote for someone that is just saying shit to get votes, they have to prove it with years of holding the same position. This is not the case, 6 years ago he was against legalization but now it is convenient for him to agree with just to get votes.

    We don’t NEED anyone to get cannabis legalized.

    The PEOPLE will legalize this, we have the power, we do not need just anyone in the white house just cause they ‘say’ they are for legalization, Obama let us down on the same subject, I wonder how many folks voted for him hoping for cannabis change but never happened.

    Remember, candidates/politicians can ‘say’ anything they want with no intention of ever doing it.

    They are all a bunch of finely tuned liars.

    We have been hoping for change from too many of them to accept anything coming out of their mouths now.

    Stick with the local/state efforts for legalization, WE THE PEOPLE shall make legalization happen WITHOUT EVEN ASKING a single politician.

    We the people shall make the changes through ballot initiatives, we do not need any politicians blessing.

    Please make your vote count for all things you hold dear, not just whether someone is pro-pot.

    The movement is going forward WITHOUT the Presidents blessings so who ever is in the white house doesn’t matter.

    Cannabis WILL go legal even with a HATER in the white house.

    We are the majority and we don’t need their blessing to change things.

  25. Jordan Shorette on

    I respect your opinion but I don’t believe that at all. Bernie Sanders is known for being extremely honest and good to his word. If he says would vote yes then he would vote yes. They didn’t ask if he’d legalize they asked how he would cast his vote for legalization. Although, I’m sure if he’s elected he will make it happen especially in regards to his views on criminal justice reform.

  26. He’s clueless on most of the issues and his response was a typical guarded statement that he knew some people wanted to hear, but not a firm “yes” as many had anticipated.
    The odds of him coming through are about as likely as the current one in office who said he’d reschedule it…and nothing positive ever happened.

  27. Lynnette Poole on

    I think the states are moving too slow on this whole legalization thing and we need to fight to get it legalized federally and just be done with the issue. They have plenty of research. Just legalize it already! This waiting game is getting old!

  28. Bernie Sanders DOES NOT support legalization anymore than Jimmy Carter right before endorsing Project Sam.

  29. Bernie is truly a breath of fresh air on this AND many other issues. If nothing else, he has none of the stench of hypocrisy which emanates from the Republicans on most issues. FEEL THE BERN!

  30. Marijuana policy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bernie Sanders. I encourage you to visit his website. I was dissapointed there was no discussion on removing barriers to research such as lowering it’s schedule which was Hillary’s main argument.

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