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Beware Drug Inspection Roadblocks


drug inspection checkpoint k-9Drug Inspection Checkpoints Are Being Used More And More – Do You Know What To Do If You See One?

By Dan Viets, J.D., SMCR Board Chair

Marijuana prohibition has led to many violations of Constitutional rights and civil liberties. One of the most egregious violations is the use of “drug roadblocks”.

On the evening of Friday, November 16, 2012 at the 71.4 mile marker on Interstate 70, near the junction with Missouri Highway 65, the Marshall/Sedalia exits, the Missouri State Highway Patrol held another of its “ruse drug roadblocks”. Several emergency flares were displayed on both sides of the eastbound lanes of the highway. Among them were temporary orange signs stating “Drug Checkpoint Ahead” and “Drug Dog on Duty”.

In fact, there was no drug checkpoint ahead. This tactic has been allowed by our Courts, despite the fact that it involves lying to the public and creating a dangerous traffic hazard. In fact, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that a true drug roadblock violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The actual roadblock is never on the highway, as the signs state, but rather at the next exit.

There is always an inviting exit shortly after the drug roadblock signs appear. The police hope that people who want to avoid the roadblock will take that exit. Those who do take that exit are invariably observed to commit some minor traffic offense, which gives the police an excuse to stop their vehicle and interrogate the occupants and usually, one way or another, search that vehicle.

The best course of action when one encounters this deceptive exercise in police-state law enforcement is to just keep driving. As long as one does not take the next exit, one will never see the drug roadblock.

However, every year, dozens of unwary motorists are ensnared by this deceptive practice. Once you have taken that exit, no matter what excuse you had for taking that exit, you will be targeted for further investigation.

When approaching such operations, one needs to be meticulous about obeying all traffic laws. Do not speed; do not fail to signal a turn or lane change; make certain all of the lights on your motor vehicle are working properly at all times; and do not follow too closely. Following too closely is probably the single most often-cited excuse for stopping motor vehicles on Missouri highways.

Most importantly, never litter. Police officers who would never bother to stop a driver for littering will absolutely pursue a vehicle if anything is thrown out of that vehicle in the vicinity of a “drug roadblock”.

The police seem to believe that all illegal drugs are moving east. Therefore, one’s chances of being stopped and questioned and searched are far greater when your motor vehicle is heading east than when it is heading west.
As always, one should say as little as possible to law enforcement officers. The driver of a motor vehicle is obligated to display his or her driver’s license. Passengers are not required to do so. If a police officer tries to engage you in a conversation about where you are headed or where you have been, you should politely decline to discuss that. You have an absolute Constitutional right to remain silent at all times. If you fail to do so, anything you say, and some things you will swear you did not say, will be used against you.


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  1. Big issue coming south on I-75 into Georgia from Tennessee. The problem is that when they do them they put checkpoints at EVERY exit for about 60 miles… If u ask me, that is entrapment!! I spent an hour with my sleeping 4 year old and about 10 cops that were sure I was holding. Luckily I dont travel with kid and weed!! My rights were totally violated because i needed to get friggin gas!! BS!

  2. Lies,deceit,and Bullshit-your tax dollars hard at work making criminals out of ourselves-wonder how many robberies,muggings,heroin sales to children and break ins went on while these morons were trying to catch someone with a few joints.The idiots who do these stings should think of better ways to use their manpower and budgets to protect the public.

  3. We have them here near Cleveland Tennessee , using the disguise of a safety check point or a DUI Check point .. All they want to do is get you in the system for monetary gain in some form or another, and at the same time fucking up your life for many years , as i said its about the money. A joint will cost you about $10,000.00 The same as a DUI $10,000.00 .( Make Marijuna Legal ) and Make law- enforcement do their real job catching real criminals .Arresting some one for smoking or just having possession of marijuna is like taking a’n ice-cream cone from a baby…….Arresting some one robbing a bank or a liquor store or stopping a gang related crime…you know ..the people with guns who like to fuck everything up Real criminals…..I’m Done Could rant on, I think Not…..

  4. The check point on I -10 is near sierra blanca tx, you can not avoid it because the highway goes through it, there is no way around it traveling east on I-10 East.It is complete with drug dogs and a lot of armed police.The only way around is to travel 17 north at tucson then west on 40.Dogs and agents inspected us very well, lucky for us we were not in possession of anything illegal. Beware!!!

  5. DavidTheExpert on

    “There is always an inviting exit shortly after the drug roadblock signs
    appear. The police hope that people who want to avoid the roadblock will
    take that exit.”

    Oh my GOD. Every time I think the drug war can’t get any worse, I find out they’re doing something like this.

  6. That checkpoint is actually border patrol. Its a well established checkpoint not like the ones mentioned beforehand. Avoid at all costs if possible if you’re carrying illegal drugs or people though lol.

  7. As if regular street patrols aren’t doing enough to screw with your civil liberties already, now they gotta lie on High ways too. Where are we coming to? Government is suppose to protect your rights, not restrict them.

  8. MO and NV are not in the South; look at a map. And there are drug checkpoints along the border to Canada.

  9. There is a well-known drug checkpoint on I-10 at the Texas border, where Fiona Apple, Willie Nelson and others have been arrested for possession of mj. I haven’t heard about a checkpoint being set up on the border areas of I-20, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  10. Only in the south……..like your in. a forien country what constitution…… Bill of rights …..What do you think your in America……. lol..

  11. johnnygreen

    Jay Smoker and I saw one near Battle Mountain, Nevada earlier this year. I encourage as many readers to post where they saw them as well so that as many people as possible will know where they are!

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